Photo of two students walking on Northeastern's main campus.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Northeastern Illinois University is preparing to fully welcome back students, faculty and staff for the Fall 2021 term, with the majority of classes being held in person! 

The University will continue to follow guidelines that meet or exceed the standards set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the City of Chicago. Campus guidelines include:

  • Wearing face coverings indoors, even if you are fully vaccinated
    • Exceptions to this policy will be made for individuals who are alone in a private office, personal residence room or when dining in a designated eating area
  • Hosting virtual or hybrid meeting and events when possible
  • Limiting in-person events to a number that allows for safe social distancing

All Northeastern students and employees who are expected to be on campus will be provided with a face mask. Students may receive their mask from the Welcome Desk in Village Square on the Main Campus. Employees who have not already done so may collect their masks by completing the Facilities Management request form.  

The University also strongly encourages all students, faculty and staff to get one of three COVID-19 vaccinations that have been approved by the FDA through an Emergency Use Authorization: Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson. The Pfizer vaccine is also approved for children ages 12 and older. All COVID-19 vaccinations are free and available regardless of insurance or citizenship status to all who are currently eligible. On-campus COVID-19 vaccinations will continue through at least Aug. 16 and testing will continue through at least the end of 2021. 

“Getting everyone vaccinated is our best way to bring everyone back to campus safely in the fall,” Director of Student Health Services and COVID-19 Task Force Co-Chair Sharon Heimbaugh said. “COVID-19 vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective. The vaccines prevent severe illness, hospitalizations and death from COVID. The more people who are vaccinated, the more reassurance we will have that our community will stay healthy.”

More information about testing and vaccination options is available through the COVID-19 Task Force weekly updates, which are sent via Targeted Announcements and are posted on Northeastern’s Coronavirus Response webpage. 

Northeastern has adopted an Interim COVID-19 Return to Campus Policy. Anyone with questions about this temporary policy is encouraged to reach out to the COVID-19 Task Force at