Applying to the IRB

The IRB has introduced a new application form for Initial Review. The form should be used for all types of review (Exempt, Expedited, Full). Please note that as of March 1, 2019, the old application forms will not be accepted.

Use Exempt Categories Checklist to determine if your research may qualify for exemption. Include the exempt checklist with your application. Use Expedited Categories Checklist to determine if your research may qualify for Expedited Review. Include the expedited checklist with your application.

Studies that do not qualify for exemption or expedited review must be reviewed by the IRB at a convened meeting (Full Board review). Studies requiring Full Board review present more than minimal risk to subjects, and/or involve populations, such as children, prisoners, and/or other groups with diminished capacity to consent (e.g., Alzheimer's patients) or vulnerable to coercion or undue influence. Only the IRB can make a final determination concerning the level of review required for a given study.

Application for Initial Review


Appendices are required to be submitted with your application for research with certain subject pools: 

Informed Consent Form

Recruitment Materials

Human Subjects Research at the Chicago Public Schools

If you are conducting research in the Chicago Public Schools, a separate proposal must be submitted to the Chicago Public Schools Research Review Board (CPS RRB) for review. Read information about the CPS RRB and its policies and procedures.

Research Involving Children 

Submission Instructions

Please submit one (1) hard copy of the signed typewritten application and all supporting materials. These should be delivered to Lech Walesa Hall, Room 0042 on the NEIU Main Campus. One (1) electronic copy of all materials, (with the application and informed consent form in Word format), should be emailed to

The application cannot be distributed for IRB review until both hard and electronic copies are received, the package contains all supporting materials, (i.e., copies of surveys, interview questions, permission letters as needed, recruitment materials, translations as needed, collaborative institution IRB approval, etc.), is fully paginated, signed, and the informed consent form follows the NEIU template.

Questions about the application process? Contact the IRB Office at or (773) 442-4675.

How to avoid common mistakes in the IRB submission process