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Michael J. Stern
College of Graduate Studies and Research
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Graduate Studies and Research
(773) 442-6010
Courses Taught
Developmental Biology
Research Interests
Molecular developmental genetics: • FGF signaling and cell migration guidance mechanisms in the nematode C. elegans, • computational representation of biological system behavior. I am interested in biological and computational approaches to understanding developmental biology, which is the process by which complex, multicellular animals develop from single-cell fertilized eggs. My biological interests have focused on understanding how cells within multicellular animals “talk” with each other to coordinate the requisite developmental processes that generate and maintain the normal structures and functions of complex, multicellular animals, and that go awry in the wide range of pathologies. My specific areas of focus have concentrated on analyzing the cell-to-cell signaling mechanisms that guide migrating cells to their proper targets and that mediate fibroblast growth factor (FGF) signal transduction. My laboratory has used molecular-genetic approaches to study the cell migrations of the sex myoblasts and FGF signaling in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. My computational interests lie in developing modeling methodologies to represent biological systems, with the goal of enhancing our understanding of these systems via the formalization and integration of the increasingly complex array of available biological data.

B.S. Yale University, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, 1981, summa cum laude

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, Biochemistry, 1986

Selected Publications

1. Stern, M.J., Ames, G.F.-L. , Smith, N.H., Robinson, E.C. and Higgins, C.F. (1984) "Repetitive Extragenic Palindromic Sequences: A major component of the bacterial genome." Cell 37:1015-1026 PMID: 6378385

2. Thomas, J.H., Stern, M.J. and Horvitz, H.R. (1990) "Cell interactions coordinate the development of the C. elegans egg-laying system." Cell 62:1041-1052 PMID: 1821851

3. Clark, S.G., Stern, M.J., and Horvitz, H.R. (1992) "C. elegans cell-signalling gene sem-5 encodes a protein with SH2 and SH3 domains." Nature 356:340-344 PMID: 1372395

4. Stern, M.J., Marengere, L.E.M., Daly, R.J., Lowenstein, E.J., Kokel, M., Batzer, A., Olivier, P., Pawson, T. and Schlessinger, J. (1993) "The human GRB2 and Drosophila Drk genes can functionally replace the Caenorhabditis elegans cell signaling gene sem-5." Mol. Biol. Cell 4:1175-1188 PMID: 8305738

5. Marengere, L.E.M., Zhou, S., Gish, G.D., Schaller, M.D., Parsons, J.T., Stern, M.J., Cantley, L.C. and Pawson, T. (1994) "SH2 domain specificity and activity modified by a single residue." Nature 369:502-505 PMID: 7515480

6. DeVore, D.L., Horvitz, H.R, and Stern, M.J. (1995) "An FGF receptor signaling pathway is required for the normal cell migration of the sex myoblasts in C. elegans hermaphrodites." Cell 83:611-620 PMID: 7585964

7. Burdine, R.D., Branda, C.S. and Stern, M.J. (1998) "EGL-17(FGF) expression coordinates the attraction of the migrating sex myoblasts with vulval induction in C. elegans." Development 125, 1083-1093 PMID: 9463355

8. Kokel, M., Borland, C.Z., Horvitz, H.R, and Stern, M.J. (1998) "clr-1 encodes a receptor tyrosine phosphatase that negatively regulates an FGF receptor signaling pathway in C. elegans." Genes Dev 12, 1425-1437 PMID: 9585503

9. Mihaylova, V.T., Borland, C.Z., Manjarrez, L., Stern, M.J., and Sun, H. (1999) "The PTEN tumor suppressor homolog in C. elegans regulates longevity and dauer formation in an insulin-receptor like signaling pathway." Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 96, 7427-7432 PMID: 10377431

10. Goodman, S.J., Branda, C.S., Robinson, M.K., Burdine, R.D. and Stern, M.J. (2003) “Alternative splicing affecting a novel domain in the C. elegans EGL-15 FGF receptor confers functional specificity.” Development 130:3757-3766 PMID: 12835392

11. Sadot, A., Fisher, J., Barak, D., Admanit, Y., Stern, M.J., Hubbard, E.J.A. and Harel, D. (2007). “Towards Verified Biological Models.” IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 5:223-234. PMID: 18451431

12. Lo, T.-W., Branda, C.S., Huang, P., Sasson, I.E., Goodman, S.J., and Stern, M.J. (2008). “Different isoforms of the C. elegans FGF receptor are required for attraction and repulsion of the migrating sex myoblasts.” Dev. Biol. 318:268-275 PMID: 18455716

13. Kam, N., Kugler, H., Marelly, R., Appleby, L., Fisher J, Pnueli, A., Harel, D., Stern, M.J., Hubbard, E.J. (2008). “A scenario-based approach to modeling development: a prototype model of C. elegans vulval fate specification.” Dev. Biol. 323:1-5 PMID: 18706404

14. Lo, T.-W., Bennett, D.C., Goodman, S.J., and Stern, M.J. (2010). “Caenorhabditis elegans fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling can occur independently of the multi-substrate adaptor FRS2.” Genetics 185:537-547 PMID: 20308281

15. Tian, C., Shi, H., Colledge, C., Stern, M., Waterston, R., and Liu, J. (2011). “The C. elegans SoxC protein SEM-2 opposes differentiation factors to promote a proliferative blast cell fate in the postembryonic mesoderm.” Development 138:1033-1043 PMID: 21307099


Northeastern Illinois University

          Dean, College of Graduate Studies and Research, 2013- present

          Professor of Biology, 2013- present

University of Central Florida

          Associate Dean, College of Graduate Studies, 2007- 2013

          Professor of Biology, 2007- 2013

Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Genetics

     Associate Professor of Genetics with tenure, 2000-2007

          Director of Graduate Studies, Genetics Graduate Program 2001-2007

          Co-Director, MCGD Track of the BBS, 2002 - 2004

     Meyerhoff Visiting Professor, Weizmann Institute, ISRAEL, 1999-2000

     Associate Professor of Genetics, 1997-2000

     Director of Graduate Admissions, Genetics and Development Track,

     Program in Biomedical and Biological Sciences,  1997-1999

     Assistant Professor of Genetics, 1991-1997

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Biology

          Dr. H. Robert Horvitz, advisor

          Research Associate of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 1989-1991

          American Cancer Society Post-Doctoral Fellow, 1986-1989

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Graduate School Specialist; Interim Research Compliance Coordinator
College of Graduate Studies and Research

Ed.D. Northern Illinois University, Higher Education Administration, Fall 2020 - Present 

M.A. Concordia University Chicago, Higher Education Leadership, 2017

B.A. Northeastern Illinois University, Communication, Media and Theatre, 2015

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Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Projects
Research and Sponsored Projects
All aspects of grant development, submission, and management.

B.A., National Louis University, 2000


Ms. Todd came to Northeastern in 2013, after a long, successful career in grants administration at the City Colleges of Chicago. 

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