The Computer Science Endorsement Focus Program empowers educators with a comprehensive understanding of various skills of computer science. Through this program, teachers dive into an array of topics spanning from fundamental principles to advanced concepts, enabling them to develop a holistic perspective on the subject. Furthermore, the program emphasizes the importance of relevance in teaching computer science, equipping teachers with strategies to effectively contextualize the material for their students. By bridging computer science concepts with practical applications and real-world scenarios, educators learn to make computer science concepts meaningful and accessible, fostering deeper engagement and understanding among their students.

Total credits needed: 18

Program Benefits

Through this endorsement teachers will:

  • Learn a breadth of topics in computer science
  • Develop a variety of skills (programming, web pages, databases, etc.)
  • Learn how to make computer science relevant to students
  • Understand and apply best practices for teaching computer science in the classroom


Coursework Map

Beginning Fall 2024, teachers from Chicago Public Schools (CPS) joining the program are placed in cohorts. This cohort-based model offers a supportive environment for teachers to learn and grow together. Having dedicated classes ensures that they receive focused instruction tailored to their needs and helps foster a sense of community among participants.

The application deadline for joining the Fall 2024 cohort is Aug. 15, 2024.

The coursework map for the Computer Science Endorsement Focus Program outlines the sequence of courses (3 credits each) that teachers will take over several semesters:

  • Fall 2024: CS 108, CS for All
  • Spring 2025: CS 421, Applied Programing fundamentals
  • Summer 2025: CS 425, Applied Programming fundamentals 2
  • Fall 2025: CS 412, Web Application Development
  • Spring 2026: CS 427, Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development
  • Summer 2026: CS 415, Design of Database Systems

The coursework provides a comprehensive and structured approach to developing teachers’ knowledge and skills in computer science and software development, with a focus on practical, applied learning experiences.

Once the course work is completed, teachers can apply for the Illinois state test (ILTS 205) to earn a Computer Science endorsement attached to their teaching license.

All courses are offered online except CS 108, which is hybrid and only requires 4 weeks of in-person instruction.

Tuition Assistance

CPS offers an 80% tuition assistance for teachers enrolled in the program. To receive the tuition assistance, contact the CPS Computer Science office for details.


For teachers in districts other than CPS, please contact the Computer Science Department at or (773) 442-4720 for more information.

Career Options

Teachers with this endorsement are qualified to teach Computer Science from middle to high school. After completing the endorsement, students can also use some of the coursework towards the M.S. in Computer Science, which would enable them to teach college level computer science classes.

Academic Catalog Information

Take a closer look at the Computer Science Endorsement and the courses offered toward the program.

Computer Science Endorsement

Department and Contact Information

If you are interested in the program or have questions, please contact Computer Science at (773) 442-4720.

Computer Science Department Homepage

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