CCICS students listening to NEIU professors about community service

CCICS makes available its facilities to not-for-profit organizations that promote the growth and development of the individual, community and services. CCICS also provides other educational services in cooperation with community institutions and organizations. (1) “Teaching About Africa” is a longstanding program sponsored by the Kemetic Institute in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools and Northwestern University’s African Studies Program, (2) The Great Black Music Project, (3) The Chicago Defender Charities, (4) The National Association of Black Social Workers, Chicago, (5) The Illinois Transatlantic Slave Trade Commission (ITSTC) project established to research and study the Transatlantic Slave Trade, including its past and present effects on African-Americans in the state of Illinois.

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Girls like me project

The mission of Girls Like Me Project is to help African-American girls ages 11-17 critically examine social, cultural, and political ideologies in media so that they will be able to overcome stigmas and negative stereotypes. We equip them with the tools and strategies to become influential, independent digital storytellers who transform their communities and foster global sisterhood.

Chicago Defender Charities

The Chicago Defender Charities was founded in 1945 as the charities arm of the Chicago Defender. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for African Americans through educational, cultural and social programs. Past festivals include the Bud Billiken ® Parade, the annual Christmas food giveaway, and the Green Team.

The Great Black Music Project

The Great Black Music Project's mission is to provide interactive cross-educational programs among community members, civic organizations, learning institutions, and businesses. The center has created a digital space using the audio-visual technology that functions as the central hub and preserver of the rich cultural legacy of great Black artists.

Kemetic Institute

The Kemetic Institute is a research organization concerned with the restoration and reconstruction of African civilization through scholarly research, African-centered education, artistic creativity and spiritual development. This group has launched the Communiversity, the Association of African Historians and the Association of Afro-American Educators. It has also published four issues of the Afrocentric World Review.

Illinois TransAtlantic Slave Trade Project

The impact of the slave trade on the descendants of enslaved Africans still lingers and is deeply rooted in the continued miseducation that takes place in the American society. The work of the Transatlantic Slave Trade Project brings worldly attention to the inhumane crimes of slavery and its consequences.