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One way to do this is to add Geographic Information Systems (GIS) skills to your portfolio. The GIS industry is projected to grow to $18B by 2023. This growth in GIS careers is because everyone has data and needs to figure out what is happening where. The majority of this growth will come from people like you who want to combine your domain knowledge with your ability to analyze and display your data geographically. 

Who is this bootcamp for? Any current student, alumni or professional who wants to help make geographic decisions. This bootcamp complements the GIS certificate programs offered at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU). These courses can be technical upskilling for students and alumni who have enrolled in other NEIU GIS programs of study, but they also may be for the novice who wants to start with new courses to quickly add to their portfolio. When you take these courses, you can learn how to create a data workflow, analyze geographic data, create a map dashboard, or set up a GIS data repository in the cloud. Our GIS Bootcamp students have degrees in everything, such as business, geography, environmental studies, and biology.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recognizes that job seekers with experience working with geographic technologies, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), have the best job prospects and those who have used geographic technologies to complete projects and solve problems within their specialized subfields should have better job opportunities.


  1. Choose the courses best for you. Courses are taught by industry experts who demonstrate project-based skills.
  2. Take them online on your schedule. Each course consists of 24 instructional hours with flexible start and finish times. 
  3. Complete any six courses in six months at the Certificate Builder level to earn the best skills in the GIS industry.


These courses are taught by industry experts that demonstrate specific skills rather than general knowledge. Each Bootcamp GIS course consists of 24 instructional hours that can be started and finished flexibly within your schedule. Complete any six courses at the Certificate Builder Level to receive an Enterprise GIS Certificate.


Tier 1 - Knowledge Builder: $397 Content only
Tier 2 - Professional Builder: $697 Content + instructor remote video conferences
Tier 3 - Certificate Builder: $997 Content + instructor remote video conferences + career coaching and professional networking; noncredit certificate from Northeastern Illinois University

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Enhance your portfolio with location-based skills. You get a high return on investment and take a leap toward a meaningful career. We've partnered with one of the best GIS certificate programs in the world, Bootcamp GIS, to offer cutting-edge content.

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A progressive approach to enhance your portfolio with the right GIS skills. Attendees learn about modern ways you should be improving your tech skills to make yourself marketable or get a promotion. With these tips it's easier to impress decision makers and climb the ladder in the $18B GIS industry. 

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