Sudha Srinivas
Associate Dean; Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
(773) 442-5700
Computational condensed matter physics. This involves modeling the physical and chemical properties of technological materials - from molecules and clusters (small aggregates of atoms) to solids.
Courses Taught
Quantum Mechanics, University Physics II
Research Interests
The goal of Dr. Srinivas's research is to understand, at a microscopic level, the origin of the properties that make these materials useful in present and future technologies. Among the current research projects underway are first-principles investigations of (i) the interactions of metal clusters with molecules - with the aim of understanding catalytic properties of certain metals; and (ii) physical and thermal properties of small metal clusters.

Ph.D. (physics), State University of New York at Albany, 1995

M.S. (physics), The University of Poona (India), 1987

B.Sc. (physics), The University of Delhi, 1985

Selected Publications

1. Retention and Student Success in STEM through a Mentoring Scholarship Program at an Urban HSI, S. Srinivas, P. H. Acioli, K. Vogleonsger, N. Nicholson, J. Hibdon, N. Wrinkle, and D. Rutschman, Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Mentoring Institute Conference, editor N. Dominguez, pg. 1154-1157 (University of New Mexico, 2015).

2. Silver and Gold mediated nucleobase bonding, P. H. Acioli and S. Srinivas, Journal of Molecular Modeling 20, 2391 (2014).

3. Experiential Learning of Classical Mechanics Through Molecular Dynamics,  P. H. Acioli and S. Srinivas, Proceedings of the World Conference on Physics Education, Istanbul, Turkey, editor M. Taşar, p 385-396 (Pegem Akademi, 2013).

4. An Exploration of the Potential Energy Surface of Ag7CO, P. H. Acioli, S. Burkland, and S. Srinivas, European Physical Journal D 66, 215 (2012).

5. Density functional Theory study of Ag-Cluster/CO Interactions, P. H. Acioli, N. Ratanavade, M. R. Cline, and S. Srinivas, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Verlag (Heidelberg), Vol. 5545, 203 (2009).

6. Atomistic Description of Electric Dipole Polarizability in SinHm, S. Srinivas, M. Yang, K. Jackson, and J. Jellinek, Comp. Meth. Sci. and Eng. 1108, 71 (2009).

7. A Density-Functional Study of the Structure and Self-Organization in Spin Clusters, S. Srinivas and E. Torikai, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Vol. 310, 2390 (2007).

8. Structure, Bonding and Magnetism in Manganese Clusters, P. Bobadova-Parvanova, K. A. Jackson, S. Srinivas and M. Horoi,  Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 122, 014310 (2005)

9. First-principles investigations of the Structural and Electronic Properties of Small Beryllium Clusters, S. Srinivas and J. Jellinek, Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 121, 7243 (2004)           

10. Emergence of antiferromagnetic ordering in Mn clusters, P. Bobadova-Parvanova, K. A. Jackson, S. Srinivas and M. Horoi, Phys. Rev. A 67, 61202 (2003)

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