Samentha Sepúlveda Picture
Communication, Media and Theatre
College of Arts and Sciences
Internatural Communication, Organizational Communication, Communication Theory, Critical Qualitative Research, and Persuasive Communication
Courses Taught
CMTC 310: Persuasion
CMTC 306: Special Topics in Communication (Environmental Communication)
CMTC 306: Special Topics in Communication (Strategic Communication)
CMTC 305: Writing in Communication, Media and Theatre (WIP)
CMTC 300: Mediated Communication
CMTC 101: Public Speaking
CMTC 100: Introduction to Communication
Research Interests
Dr. Samentha Sepúlveda’s research concentrates on the crossroads of organizational and internatural communication (communication with and about nature). Additionally, her research examines communication from a critical lens to discover how discourses maintain and challenge exploitation. By highlighting the oppressive practices maintained by these discourses, she also sheds light on linked oppression related to gender, race, class, and more.

Ph.D., Communication, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2021)

M.A., Communication, Media and Theatre, Northeastern Illinois University (2017)

B.A., Communication, Media and Theatre, Northeastern Illinois University (2015)

Selected Publications

Sepúlveda, S. (2023).“I wouldn’t fall for that!” Exploring social influence and group decision making. Communication Teacher, 37(4), 278-282.

Sepúlveda, S., & Plec, E. (2021). Of rats and women: A cross-species read of space and place. In A. E. George (Ed.) Feminism and Gender in Critical Animal Studies. Lexington Publishers.

Riforgiate, S. E., & Sepúlveda, S. (2021). Managing and being managed by emotions. In F. Cooren & P. Stücheli-Herlach (Eds.) Handbook of Management Communication. De Gruyer Mouton

Sepúlveda, S. (2019). Review of abstinence cinema: Virginity and the rhetoric of sexual purity in contemporary film. [Review of the book Abstinence cinema, by C. R. Kelly]. Women & Language, 42(1), 125-128.  

Room FA 231
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Office Hours
Tuesday and Thursday: 11:00am - Noon (Room FA 231)
Also available for virtual appointments.
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