Nicole E. Holland
Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies
African and African American Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
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Courses Taught
EDFN 306: Education and Individual Difference
EDFN 307: Psychology of Instruction and Learning
EDFN 406: Human Development and Learning
EDFN 407: Learning Theory and Educational Practice
EDFN 416: Cultural Pluralism
LEAD 429: Educational Research
Research Interests
Race, Class, and Education, Access, Equity, and Excellence in Education, Educational Policy, School Reform, and Educators’ Professional Preparation, Practice and Development

Ph.D., Social-Personality Psychology, 1997
The Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York, New York

M.A., Social Psychology, 1994
Hunter College of the City University of New York, New York

B.A., Psychology Major; Women’s Studies Minor, 1988
Hamilton College, Clinton, New York

Selected Publications

Holland, N. E.  (2011)."The Power of Peers: Influences on Postsecondary Education Planning and Experiences of African American Students" in Urban Education, Volume 46, Issue 5, September, 2011, pp.1029-1055.

Holland, N. E. (2011). “Lessons Learned: Influences of Human Capital in Urban Students’ High School-to-College Transitions.”inIllinois Committee on Black Concerns in Higher Education (ICBCHE) journal issue, Linking the Educational Pipeline: From Pre-K to College and Beyond, Volume 26, Number 1, pp. 32-45.

Holland, N. E. (2010). “Postsecondary Education Preparation of Traditionally Underrepresented College Students: A Social Capital Perspective.”  Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, Volume 3, Number 2, pp.111-125.

Holland, N. E.and Farmer-Hinton, R. L. (2009). “Leave No Schools Behind: The Importance of a College Culture in Urban Public High Schools.”  The High School Journal, Volume 92, Number 3, pp. 24-43.

Farmer-Hinton, R. L. and Holland, N. E. (2008).“The Influence of High School Size on Access to Postsecondary Information, Conversations, and Activities.”  American Secondary Education, Volume 37, Number 1, pp. 41-61.

Holland, N. E. (2008)Déjà Vu: Segregation and Inequality in America’s Public Schools.” The Sophist’s Bane, Volume Four, Numbers One and Two, pp.20-29.

Holland, N.E.(2008)“Refocusing Educational Assessments on Teaching and Learning, Not Politics” The Educational Forum, Volume 72, Number 3, 215-226.

Holland, N. E.(2007)“Reflections on Urban High School Students’ Post-Secondary Transitions:  A Theoretical Capital Perspective.”  The International Journal of Innovative Higher Education.  Volume 20, June 2007, pp 25-33.

Holland, N.E. (2006).  “Documenting Data:  Infusing Research Strategies Into Field-Based, Teacher Training Activities.”  Teaching & Learning: The Journal of Naturalistic and Reflective Practice, v21 (1), pp 5-28.

Holland, N. E. (2002). “Small Schools: Transforming Teacher and Student Experiences in Urban High Schools, Chapter 3 in Reforming Chicago’s High Schools: Research Perspectives on School and System Level Change edited by Valerie E. Lee.  Consortium on Chicago School Research.  Chicago, Illinois.

Wasley, P.A., Fine, M., Gladden, M., Holland, N.E., King, S.P., Mosak, E., and Powell, L.C. (2000).  Small Schools: Great Strides -- A Study of New Small Schools in Chicago. Bank Street College of Education.  New York, New York.


Dr. Holland is a trained social psychologist who has conducted research in the fields of pre-school, elementary, secondary, and higher education.  Her areas of interest include educational equity, educational policy, school reform, teacher training, community and professional development in schools, particularly as these areas influence conditions that promote success for the educationally disadvantaged. Dr. Holland’s current research explores the individual and institutional factors that affect urban, public high school students’ preparation for and enrollment in four-year colleges and universities.

Additional Information

Selected Presentations

Holland, N. E. (April, 2011).  "Paving Postsecondary Education Pathways for Students of Color: Individual and Institutional Responsibilities." Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association.  New Orleans, Louisiana.

Holland, N. E. (April, 2011).  "Beyond Conventional Wisdom: African American Students Discuss Sources of Support for College Preparation and Success." Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association.  New Orleans, Louisiana.

Holland, N. E. (January, 2010). “It Still Takes A Village: From Urban Public High School Graduate to University Student.”  Paper presented at the 7th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education. Honolulu, Hawaii.

Holland, N. E. (April, 2008). “College Knowledge: How Human and Social Capital Influence Students’ Postsecondary Transitions.”  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association.  New York, New York.

Holland, N.E. (November, 2006). “Becoming Better Consumers of Educational Research.”  Panelist for the presentation, Learning to Lead: Preparing Tomorrow’s Educational Leaders at the International Leadership Association 8th Annual Conference.  Chicago, Illinois.

Holland, N. E. (April, 2006) ...And Yes, School Size Matters: Creating Communities for Teaching and Learning.  American Educational Research Association‘s annual meeting. San Francisco, California.

Holland, N.E. (June, 2006).  Promising Partnerships:  Preparing Urban High School Students for Success in Four-Year Colleges and Universities. Paper presented at the International Council for Innovation in Higher Education’s annual meeting. Panama City, Panama.

Holland, N. E. (August, 2006). It Still Takes A Village: Institutional and Individual Supports Necessary to Support Post-Secondary Transitions.  Education Summit:  Chicago Public Schools Post-Secondary Transitions.  Chicago, Illinois.

Holland, N. E. (October, 2006).  Chartering Education:   Critical Reflections on Charter School Experiences.  Phi Delta Kappa International’s annual conference.  Washington, DC.

Holland, N.E. (November, 2006).  Becoming Better Consumers of Educational Research.  International Leadership Association’s annual meeting.  Chicago, Illinois.

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