Martyn de Bruyn
de Bruyn
Coordinator; Professor
Political Science
College of Arts and Sciences
(773) 442-5653
Courses Taught
Political Integration in Western Europe
Europe - US Transatlantic Relations
War and Peace
Modern European Governments
Politics of the European Union
American National Government
Comparative Political Systems (Writing Intensive)
Research Interests
European Integration and Comparative Regionalism; Federalism and Constitutional Theory; Human Security.

Ph.D. Purdue University

MA. Leiden University (The Netherlands)

BA. Leiden University (The Netherlands)

Selected Publications

“Japan, the European Union, and the Elusive Global Human Security Partnership,” in Bae and Maruyama (eds.) Human Security, Changing States and Global Responses: Institutions and Practices (London and New York: Routledge Press, 2015). 

Book Review in EUSA Review, 2013. Lorena Ruano (ed.) The Europeanization of National Foreign Policies Towards Latin America (London and New York: Routledge, 2013).

"The Irish Referendums on Lisbon: Did the Recession Help Lisbon?" Journal of Contemporary European Studies 20 (1) March (2012): 91-101. 

"Inter-Korean Cooperation in the Fisheries Industry: Modeling Trust and Peace Building on the ECSC," Asia Europe Journal 9 (1) (2011): 1-11.

"European Integration in the Post-Constitutional Era: Federalism and the Role of National Parliaments," Contemporary Political Society (Summer 2011).

“An Institutional Approach to Peace and Prosperity: Towards a Korean Fisheries Community,” in Werner Pascha and Bernhard Seliger (eds.), In Towards a Northeast Asian Security Community? Implications for Korea’s Growth and Economic Development (Berlin: Springer 2011).

Book Review in East Asian Integration Studies, 2011. Finn Laursen (ed.) Comparative Regional Integration: Europe and Beyond. (Farnham, UK, Ashgate Publishing Company, 2010).

Book Review in North Korea Review, 2011. Rüdiger Frank and Sabine Burghart (eds.). Driving Forces of Socialist Transformation: North Korea and the Experience of Europe and East Asia (Wien: Praesens Verlag, 2009).

"From Laeken to Lisbon: Europe’s Experiment with Constitutional Federalism,” in Ann Ward and Lee Ward (eds.), Research Companion to Federalism (Aldershot, UK: Ashgate 2009). 

“Trust Building through Institutions: European Lessons for Korean Unification,” On Korea: The Korea Economic Institute (KEI) Academic Paper Series 4(1) (2009) (With Sangmin Bae).  


Martyn de Bruyn specializes in the study of comparative regional integration and institutional reform of the European Union (EU). He has written on federalism and constitutionalization in the European Union, direct democracy and the use of referendums to ratify EU treaties. Another strain of his research focuses on EU external relations with a focus on East Asia. He has written on European confidence and trust-building experiences and the implications for the inter-Korean relations, inter regionalism and the EU as global player.

His work has been published in Asia Europe Journal, Contemporary Political Society, The Journal of Contemporary European Studies, and On Korea. He serves as an international editorial board member of Contemporary Political Society. His current research, titled “The European Union, Japan, and the Elusive Global Human Security Partnership,” is included in an edited volume, Human Security, Changing States and Global Responses: Institutions and Practices.

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