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Cognitive Neuropsychology
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General Psychology
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Theories of Learning
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Cognitive Psychology
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Cognitive Neuropsychology

University of Chicago

Selected Publications

Rueckert, L., Branch, B., & Doan, T. (2011). Are gender differences in empathy due to differences in emotional reactivity? Psychology, 2, 574-578.

Rueckert, L. (2011). Gender differences in empathy. In D. J. Scapaletti (Ed.) Psychology of Empathy, Hauppauge, NY:Nova Science Publishers.

Rueckert, L., & Naybar, N. (2008). Gender differences in empathy: The role of the right hemisphere. Brain and Cognition, 67, 162-167.

Rueckert, L. (2008). Tools for the Assessment of Undergraduate Research Outcomes. In  R. L. Miller & R. F. Rycek (Eds.) Developing, Promoting and Sustaining the Undergraduate Research Experience in Psychology, Washington, DC:Society for the Teaching of Psychology. Pp.272-275.

BBH 307 C
Northeastern Illinois University
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