Josef Ben Levi
Ben Levi
Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies
College of Education
Courses Taught
PHIL 101: Critical Thinking
PHIL 102: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 213: Ethics
ICSE 329M: Urban Africa
ICSE 329P: History of Africa
ICSE 329O: West Africa Life, History and Culture
ICSE 413: Idioms of the African Community
ICSE 425A: Comparative Religion & Phil Systems
ICSE 425C: African Woldview
Research Interests

Centers for New Horizon Computer Learning Center

1997: Novell IntranetWare 4.11 CNA Training


DeVry Institute of Technology

1980 Diploma: Computer Information Systems


M.A., Northeastern Illinois University

1978: Education


B.A., Lewis University,

1974: Sociology/Social Work/Education




1/2004 – Present Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, Illinois

Position: Visiting Lecturer

Instructed courses in Ancient Egyptian language and culture, Sociology,

American History and Government, African History, Comparative Religions

and Philosophical Systems, Classical Civilizations and Philosophy: Theoretical

Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy, Logic and Critical Thinking.


8/2002 – 6/2005 Taylor Business Institute, Chicago, Illinois

Position: Instructor

Instructed courses Microsoft Office 2000 Professional, Office 2000 Server,

Office 2000 Infrastructure, Office 2000 Active Directory, Office 2000 Network

Environment, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Critical

Thinking, Business Ethics, Speech, Oral and Written Communications.


8/2002 – 6/2004 Harrington Institute for Design, Chicago, Illinois

Position: Adjunct Professor

Instructed Microsoft Office courses: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and

Introduction to Personal Computers


11/98 – 3/2002 RHI Consulting, Chicago, Illinois

MCI/WorldCom/Revenue Operations Technical Support Services

Position: Network Administrator\Technical Support Specialist

Administered 4 Novell 4.11 and 5.0 servers with subsystems environment

including setting up user accounts, maintaining NDPS printer, objects and object rights.

Supported 200 users community in Windows 98/XP/2000 with hardware and

software installations including Arcserve 7.0. Maintained systems hardware and

software inventory database. Ranked 3

nationwide for efficiency in reduction of user tickets requests completed.

Converted user community from token-ring to Ethernet typologies and upgrades

to Win98. Maintained user access to client files and access using Outlook98,

Lotus Notes 5.0, Utilized PCAnywhere for remote access to users systems and

creating images using Ghost.


8/97 - 11/98 BDO Seidman, LLP, Chicago, Illinois

Position: Systems Senior Associate/ Network Administrator

Supported 150 users in a 4.11 Intranet Ware Ethernet environment including

setup and maintenance of user accounts and server monitoring and fine-

tuning. Managed rollout of Windows95 O/S from Win 3.11 and installation

of Office 95/97 from version 4.3.and Y2K project implementation. Installed

and maintained AT&T AWICS remote communications software. Upgraded

monthly versions of ProSystemFX, RIA Forms, CCH ON-Line, Carpe Diem

and BNA software. Maintained daily DLT 15/30 tape backup system using

ARCServe 6.1 . Responded to system outages and user hardware/software.

Calls. Responsible for maintenance of $500k IT budget; all hardware/software

purchases and vendor service contracts. Served as GroupWise 5.2 Mail

Administrator. Supervised staff of two (2).


6/97 - 8/97 Robert Half Consulting, Chicago, Illinois

ASC Services Company

Consultant: Network/PC Analyst

Installed and maintained PCs in a Novell 4.0 Ethernet environment including

setting Internet Protocol stacks using Windows 3.11 and cabling. Revised

net.cfg, config.sys, and autoexec.bat files based on user migration between

network servers and software upgrades. Maintained and upgraded users to Lotus

Notes 4.51 from 4.0. Installed and supported 32 bit and 16 bit NetwareClient

software, Windows NT Workstation, Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 systems.

Removed various viruses infecting users systems. Setup print queues and

installed print drivers. Organized and maintained software library and hardware



3/97 - 5/97 Interim Technology, Chicago, Illinois

Rosenthal Collins Group

Consultant: Network/PC Analyst

Maintained Novell Netware 3.12 and WindowsNT 4.0 system for user

community of 200. Installed and upgraded Token Ring network configuration,

CAT5 rack and MAU system. Supported ADP Payroll system and commodities

tracking system. Maintained microcomputer system using Windows 3.11, 3.1

and Windows 95. Installed NIC cards, Internet browsers, 3270 emulators (Irma,

Attachmate, and E78). Upgraded PCs when necessary.


8/95 - 3/97 Alternative Resources Corporation, Chicago, Illinois

CNA Corporation

KPMG Peat Marwick LLP.

Consultant: Microcomputer Technical Specialist PC/Network Analyst

Resolved high-level user issues using MS/Mail 3.5 and MS/Schedule+.

Maintained user mail files using MS/Mail and Schedule+ Administrator

programs. Utilized Novell Netware 3.12 to assist user community with token-

ring network related issues. Assisted users with resolution of MS/Office 4.2

concerns. Upgraded over 500 Macintosh systems to MAC/OS 7.53 and

Netscape 3.0. Installed and maintained Gateway microcomputer hardware

for major telecommunications corporation. Supported users using CC: Mail,

AmiPro, Lotus 123 and ProComm+ Aspect Call Tracking System.


6/93 - 8/95 Computer Learning Center, Chicago, Illinois

Position: Lead Instructor: Computerized Business Systems

Instructed classes in microcomputer hardware and software concepts. Trained

clients in use of Lotus 123, WordPerfect 5.1, and dBase III/IV, MS/DOS 6.2,

MS/Windows, and Introduction to Microcomputers, Novell Netware 3.12 and

Networking concepts.


6/87 - 5/93 Kennedy-King College, Chicago, Illinois

Position: Registrar/Director of Institutional Research/Coordinator of

Management Information Systems

Registered students into their classes efficiently and accurately each semester.

Maintained students academic records. Supervised staff of nine. Prepared

statistical reports for staff, faculty, administration, and outside agencies. Setup

and maintained Student Program Administrative System (SPAS) and

institution wide microcomputer system. Conducted training sessions in Lotus

123, WordPerfect and dBase III.


1/86 - 6/87 McDonald's Corporation, Oak Brook, Illinois

Position: Information Center Specialist

Supervised corporate software training sessions using Lotus 123 to support

Treasury, Real Estate, and Tax Departments. Managed beta test team for Lotus

HAL and Freelance+. Responsible for purchase, maintenance, installation and

support of microcomputer hardware and software.


1/84 - 5/92 Chicago State University, Chicago, Illinois

Position: Adjunct Professor

Instructed courses in Introduction to Computer Information Systems,

Introduction to Management Information Systems, Introduction to Systems

Analysis and Design, Advanced Systems Analysis and Design, and

Microcomputers in Health Care Systems.


8/80 - 5/92 Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, Illinois

Position: Adjunct Professor

Instructed courses in Introduction to Management Information Systems,

Introduction to Speech Communications, Introduction to Thought in Classical

Antiquity, and Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs of the Middle Kingdom



5/83 - 12/85 Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago, Illinois

Position: Senior Programmer/Analyst

Maintained programs for emergency room, clinical and medical records

systems. Conducted user-training sessions in WordStar, VisiCalc, and CP/M

operating system. Assisted institutional conversion to MS/DOS platform.


4/82 - 4/83 Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO)

Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Position: Senior Systems Analyst

Responsible for technical development and production of educational, medical

and engineering manuals for the Saudi Royal Commission. Developed, installed

and supported accounts payable and payroll systems for Arabian Business

and Management Services (ABMS), Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Instructed Saudi nationals in the operation and maintenance of microcomputer

hardware and software.


1/78 - 4/82 Chicago Urban Skills Institute: City Colleges of Chicago

Position: Coordinator of Admissions and Records

Responsible for maintenance and coding of student records. Supervised staff

of six. Conducted training sessions with staff using Apple II microcomputer



TECHNICAL SKILLS: GroupWise, Novell Netware 3.12, 4.11, 5.0, 5.1 Windows NT 3.51, 4.0,


MS/Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows95/98, Windows NT 4.0,

Windows 2000, Windows XP, AS 400, MS/DOS 6.2, Novell Netware 3.11, 3.12,

4.0, 5.0, 5.1, MS/Office 95/97/98/2000, Outlook 98, 2000, Lotus 123, Lotus

Notes 5.0, Lotus CC: Mail. CCH Online, RIA, ARCServe 7., BackUp Exec,

Netscape Navigator, ProSystemFX,, WordPerfect, DP Umbrella SQL, Magic,

Utopia, CC:Mail, AmiPro, MS/Mail, Macintosh 7.5.3, Token-Ring, Ethernet,

Netscape 6.2, AOL 6.0. AT&T AWICS, RASNET/VPN, Ghost, PCAnywhere.


REFERENCES: Furnished upon request.

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AWARDS: Johanne Henrich Pestalozzi Award:

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