Jon Hageman
Professor; Coordinator, University Honors Program
College of Arts and Sciences
(773) 442-6045
Courses Taught
LLAS 101 - Introduction to Latino and Latin American Studies
FYE 109d - Aliens, Curses, and the chicago Cemetery
ANTH 212 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 200 - Writing in Anthropology
ANTH 213 - Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 250 - Latin American Archaeology
ANTH 252 - North American Archaeology
ANTH 290 - Graduating Anthropology
ANTH 337a - Anthropology of Death
ANTH 355 - History of Anthropology
ANTH 374 - The Maya
ANTH 380 - Archaeological Field School
ZHON 193 - Honors Introduction to the Social Sciences
Research Interests
Method and theory; settlement and landscape; complex societies; social organization; Mesoamerica.

Ph.D., Anthropology, Southern Illinois University, 2004

M.A., Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin, 1992

B.A., History, Trinity University, 1989

Selected Publications

Hill, Erica, and Jon B. Hageman (editors). 2016. The Archaeology of Ancestors: Death, Memory, and VenerationUniversity Press of Florida, Gainesville.  

Hageman, Jon B. and Erica Hill. 2016. Leveraging the Dead: The Ethnography of Ancestors. In The Archaeology of Ancestors: Death, Memory, and Veneration, edited by E. Hill and J.B. Hageman, pp. 1-41. University Press of Florida, Gainesville.

Hill, Erica and Jon B. Hageman. 2016. The Archaeology of Ancestors. In The Archaeology of Ancestors: Death, Memory, and Veneration, edited by E. Hill and J.B. Hageman, pp. 42-80. University Press of Florida, Gainesville.

Hageman, Jon B.  2016. Where the Ancestors Live:  Shrines and Their Meaning among the Classic Maya. In The Archaeology of Ancestors: Death, Memory, and Veneration, edited by E. Hill and J.B. Hageman, pp. 213-248. University Press of Florida, Gainesville.

Duncan, William N. and Jon B. Hageman. 2015. House or Lineage? How Intracemetery Kinship Analysis Contributes to the Debate in the Maya Area. In Archaeology and Bioarchaeology of Population Movement among the Prehispanic Maya, edited by A. Cucina, pp. 133-142. Springer, New York. 

Goldstein, David J. and Jon B. Hageman. 2014. Status and Food Choice:  Late Classic Maya Foodways for Ancestor Worship and Subsistence. In Plants and People: Choices and Diversity Through Time, edited by Alexandre Chevalier, Elena Marinova, and Leonor Peña, pp. 444-48. EARTH Sustainable Agriculture Reference Series, Volume 1. European Science Foundation, Brussels. 

Goldstein, David J., and Jon B. Hageman. 2010. Power Plants: Paleobotanical Evidence of Rural Feasting in Late Classic Belize. In Food and Feasting in Mesoamerican Civilization: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Roles of Consumables and Ritual Performance, pp. 421-440, edited by John E. Staller and Michael Carrasco. Springer, New York.  

Hageman, Jon B., and David J. Goldstein. 2009. An Integrated Assessment of Archaeobotanical Recovery methods in the Neotropical Rainforest of Northern Belize: Flotation and Dry Screening. Journal of Archaeological Science 36:2841-2852.  

Sullivan, Lauren A., Jon B. Hageman, Brett A. Houk, Paul J. Hughbanks, and Fred Valdez, Jr. 2008. Structure Abandonment and Landscape Transformation: Examples from the Three Rivers Region. In Ruins of the Past: The Use and Perception of Abandoned Structures in the Maya Lowlands, edited by Travis Stanton and Aline Magnoni, pp. 91-112. University Press of Colorado, Boulder. 

Houk, Brett A., and Jon B. Hageman. 2007. Lost and Found: (Re)-Placing Say Ka in the La Milpa Suburban Settlement Pattern.  Mexicon 29:152-156. 

Hageman, Jon B. 2004. The Lineage Model and Archaeological Data in Northwestern Belize. Ancient Mesoamerica 15:63-74. 

William R. Fowler and Jon B. Hageman. 2004. New Perspectives on Ancient Maya Social Organization. Ancient Mesoamerica 15:61-62. 

Hageman, Jon B., and Jon C. Lohse. 2003. Heterarchy, Corporate Groups, and Late Classic Resource Management in Northwestern Belize. In Heterarchy, Political Economy, and the Ancient Maya, edited by V.L. Scarborough, F. Valdez, Jr., and N.P. Dunning, pp. 109-121. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

Beach, Timothy, Sheryl Luzzader-Beach, Nicholas Dunning, Jon Hageman, and Jon Lohse. 2003. Upland Agriculture in the Maya Lowlands: Ancient Maya Soil Conservation in Northwestern Belize. The Geographical Review 92 (3):372-397.  

Hageman, Jon B. and David A. Bennett. 2000. Construction of Digital Elevation Models For Archaeological Applications. In Practical Applications of GIS for Archaeologists: A Predictive Modeling Toolkit, edited by K. Wescott and R.J. Brandon, pp. 113-127. Taylor and Francis, London. 

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