Dr. Erick Howenstine
Adjunct Professor, Geography & Environmental Studies
Geography and Environmental Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
Higher Education Administration, Population Geography, GIS, Cartography
Courses Taught
GES 391: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) I
Research Interests
Class Based Segregation, Higher Education, GIS, Cartography

Ph.D., Geography, University of Washington

M.A., Geography, Southern Illinois University

M.A., Journalism, Southern Illinois University

B.A., Journalism, Southern Illinois University

B.A., Advertising, Southern Illinois University

Selected Publications

“Adrift and Focused in Academia: The Chair's Role,” in The Department Chair 23:1 pp 8-10, Summer 2012

“Segregation by Class Within Racial/Ethnic Groups in Chicago,” Bulletin of the Illinois Geographical Society. Spring 2011 52:1 p 1-21

“Distribution of Multicolored Asian Ladybird Beetle Harmonia axyridis (Coccinellidae) across Illinois,” Moneen M. Jones and Erick Howenstine Bulletin of the Illinois Geographical Society Fall 2008 50:2 1-19

“Grassland Birds: The Cook County Nesting Season Bird Census,” Bulletin of the Illinois Geographical Society Sanders, Elizabeth and Erick Howenstine Fall 2003

Expectations and Reality: A Case Study of Mexican Migration to Eastern Washington. Migration World* No.1 / 2: 1996 pp 16-19.

"Measuring Demographic Change: The Split Tract Problem," The Professional Geographer November, 1993.

"Market Segmentation for Recycling", Environment and Behavior, January, 1993. 25:1, 86-102.

"20 Years of Media and Development in Latin America: Trajectories by Canonical Correlation". Gazette: International Journal of Mass Communication Studies: Amsterdam Feb. 1991.

"Applications of a Poster Assignment as a Teaching Device in Geography," Journal of Geography in Higher Education, October 1988: E. Howenstine, I. Hay, E. Delaney, J. Bell, F. Norris, A. Whelan, M. Pirani, T. Chow and A. Ross. pp 139-147

"Environmental Reporting: Shift from 1972 to 1980" Journalism Quarterly, January 1988. pp 842-845

"Suburbanization and Segregation in Chicago" Chapter, In EthniCity. (1996). C. Roseman, G. Thieme, and H. D. Laux, eds. Rowman and Littlefield p. 31-50

Using GIS to Reduce Automobile Traffic: A Case Study of University Commuters, Proceedings. Metropolitan Conference on Public Transportation Research. June 17, 1994

"Towards a Schematic Model of Communications Media and Development in Latin America" In Collapsing Space and Time: Geographic aspects of communication and information. S. Brunn and T. Leinbach, eds. London: Harper Collins 1991 pp 278-301 (chapter 13)

Misperception of Destination Encouraging Migration of Mexican Labor to Yakima Valley, Washington. Dissertation, University of Washington 11/3/89.

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5500 North St. Louis Avenue
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United States

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