Female shoulder length brown hair, smiling showing teeth.
Computer Science
College of Business and Technology
Courses Taught
CS-201 Discrete Structures
CS-342 Introduction to HCI
CS-400 Discrete Modeling & Analysis
CS-419 Informatics
Research Interests
Partial Differential Equations, Digital Analytics, Analytics and Accessibility in Educational Technologies for Online Classes.


Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Illinois at Chicago


Additional Information

You might want to know… I enjoy exploring problems with real-life implications and working with mathematical models for different physical systems. My practical knowledge comes from 15+ years of industry experience in analytics and data analysis. While math has always been my passion, analytics is very intriguing to me, especially as it is being used everywhere these days.

I am specifically interested in how analytics can be applied in education to improve the learning process for both students and instructors.

Office Hours
Main Campus