Chandana Meegoda
College of Arts and Sciences
(773) 442-5678
Courses Taught
CHEM 103, CHEM 110, CHEM 211, CHEM 212, CHEM 260, CHEM 261, CHEM 213
Research Interests
Fabrication of novel solid state materials for Li-ion batteries. Chemical Instrumentation.

PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

BSc, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

Selected Publications

•   C. Meegoda, M. Trenary, M. Mori, S. Otani, “Depth profile of iron in a CaB6 crystal”, Physical Review B 67 (17), 172410 – 172413 (2003).

•   C. Meegoda, Y. Paderno, M. Trenary, “ The nature of surface oxides on magnesium diboride” Mat. Res. Soc. Symp., 689 (Materials for High Temperature Technologies), 151-156 (2002).

•   S. Stefanos, C. Bonner, C. Meegoda, W, Rodriguez, G. Loutts, “Energy levels and optical properties of neodymium-doped barium fluorapatite” J. Appl. Phy. 88(4), 1935-1942 (2000).

•   C. Meegoda, C. E. Bonner, G. Loutts, S. Stefanos, G. Miller, “Raman spectroscopic study of barium fluorapatite”, J. Lumi. 81(2), 101-109 (1999).

•   C. Bonner, C. Chess, C. Meegoda, S. Stefanos, G. Loutts, G. Miller, “Raman spectroscopic study of barium fluorapatite”, Proceedings of SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering, 3610 (Laser Materials Crystal Growth and Nonlinear Materials and Devices), 204-214 (1999).

•   N. Gunawardena, F. Ken, E. Jassen, C. Meegoda, D. Schafer, O. Vostrowsky, H. Bestmann, “Host attractants for red wevill, Rhynchophorus: Identification, electrophysiological activity and laboratory bioassay” J. Chem. Eco., 24(3), 425-437 (1998).

•   G. Loutts, C. Bonner, C. Meegoda, H. Ries, M. A. Noginov, N. Noginov, M. Curley, P. Venkateswarlu, A. Rapaport, M. Bass, “Crystal Growth, spectroscopic characterization and laser performance of a new efficient laser material Nd: Ba5(PO4)3F”, Appl. Phy. Lett. 71(3), 303-305 (1997).

Additional Information

Recent Grants

SCSE Summer Research Grant "Deposition of LiFePO4 Thin Films as Cathode Materials" 2016.

SCSE Summer Research Grant"Spectroscopic Study of Li-Ion Battery Cathode Materials" 2015.


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