Dr. Andrew Young smiles into the camera.
Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
(773) 442-5844
Courses Taught
PSYC 202 Statistics and Research Methods I
PYSC 215 Child Psychology
PSYC 310 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 316 Child Development Lab
PSYC 385 Capstone Seminar
PSYC 396 Senior Seminar in Psychology
Research Interests
My research focuses on the cognitive and social mechanisms underlying children’s learning and cuts across developmental, cognitive, and educational psychology. In particular, I study 1) children’s collaborative and cultural learning, 2) the development of scientific thinking, and 3) applications of psychological science to education.

Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2016)

B.S. in Psychology & BS in Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University (2006)


Selected Publications

Young, A.G. & Shtulman, A. (2020). Children’s cognitive reflection predicts conceptual understanding in science and mathematics. Psychological Science, 31, 1396-1408.

Young, A.G. & Shtulman, A. (2020). How children’s cognitive reflection shapes their understanding of science. Frontiers in Psychology, 11, 1247.

Young, A.G., Alibali, M.W., & Kalish, C.W. (2019). Causal learning from joint action:  Collaboration helps first graders, but hinders kindergartners. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 177, 166-186.

Riggs, A.E. & Young, A.G.  (2016). Developmental changes in children’s normative reasoning across learning contexts and collaborative roles. Developmental Psychology, 52, 1236-1246.

Young, A.G., Alibali, M.W., & Kalish, C.W. (2012). Causal learning and disagreement: Others’ hypotheses affect children’s evaluations of evidence. Developmental Psychology, 48, 1242-1253.

(773) 442-5844
Office Hours
By appointment.
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