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NDP Courses

NDP-305. Introduction To Library Research & Information Fluency. 1 Hour.

This class will introduce students to library research and issues in information studies. Students will acquire the skills to find and evaluate information and will learn how to create a bibliography and write citations. The course is geared towards students Interested in learning how to research for class assignments, prepare research in their major or for graduate studies. 

NDP-310. Writing Intensive Program: Diversity In The Workplace. 3 Hours.

Workplace diversity is a hallmark of contemporary life. This course explores multiple dimensions of diversity, including race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities with the goal of preparing students to function in varied settings. The course is a writing intensive experience, offering the opportunity to develop and hone written communication skills applicable to the workplace.

Prerequisite: ENGL-101 minimum grade of C.

NDP-330. Creating a Prior Learning Portfolio. 1 Hour.

This one-credit hour course guides students through the process of creating a portfolio that showcases prior learning experiences. The course examines issues relating to learning and life experience. It explores questions of academic specialization and professional development. Final portfolios can be used to request credit by assessment and as a testament to a student’s personal and professional accomplishments. 

Prerequisites: Undergraduate level ENGL-101 minimum grade of C and undergraduate level ENGL-102 minimum Grade of C. 

NDP-351. Time And Project Management Skills. 1 Hour.

This course explores the range and types of time and project management skills used in everyday life, academic and life-long learning, and in work settings. Students will analyze their own styles and theories of time management, learn how to set effective goals and objectives, and learn change management techniques that can be applied to new approaches, strategies, and techniques of time/project management.

Course Schedule


Course Title CRN Days and Times Cap Location Instructor
NDP 305-1 Intro to Library Research & Information Fluency 26768 R: 5:40pm-6:55pm 15 TBA Kimberly Shotick
NDP 310-1 WIP: Diversity in the Workplace 24631 W: 7:05pm - 9:45pm 25 LWH 3044 Susan Berkman
NDP 310-2 WIP: Diversity in the Workplace 26769 S: 9:00am - 11:50 am 25 LWH 3056 Susan Berkman
NDP 330-1 Creating a Prior Learning Portfolio 26770 R: 7:05pm-8:20pm 20 B 104 Erica Krueger
NDP 351-W1 Time and Project Management Skills 26771 U: 12:30pm-3:10pm 35 B 158 Antuanette Mester

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