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BAIS Advising


See Your BAIS Advisors Every Semester

  • Academic advising is a conversation. So much of communication is non-verbal that in-person advising works better than advising by phone and email.
  • It is more time-efficient to review materials together.
  • It is the best way to communicate very complex ideas. Your advisors know which classes fulfill multiple graduation requirements, but you collaborate with us to design your degree.
  • We advise you based on your individual goals and needs. We do this best when we get to know you!
  • Advising is prep work for your courses. We help explain all the little ins and outs, the invisible rules of a college education.
  • We remove roadblocks and help you navigate the University.
  • We are continually learning and use our learning to open doors for you.
  • We introduce you to great people who also have your interests at heart.
  • We help you make the best use of everything NEIU has to offer.

Make Use of Prior Learning Assessment 

Earn credit for college-level learning gained outside of the classroom. Work experiences, certificate and training programs, travel, media, and publications are some of the areas in which students have documented their skills and learning. Examples of experiences used include photography, web development, public relations work, music/theatre/dance performances, gallery shows, youth mentoring, athletic coaching, and massage therapy.

Prior Learning Portfolio:

If you have 90 or fewer hours, talk to your BAIS advisor about earning credit for experiential learning. Written with focus and dedication, a Prior Learning Portfolio can save you years of work and thousands of dollars.

Credit by Examination:

Before scheduling a test, it is recommended that you first consult with a BAIS advisor.

Ask questions

  • It is your right to ask questions and advocate for yourself.
  • Your professors and instructors will expect your participation, active involvement and questions.
  • Asking questions in an assertive but non-confrontational way is a skill that will serve you throughout your life.
  • If you don't know where to start or how to frame your question, ask your BAIS advisors.

Use NEIU Campus Resources

  • Make your student fees work for you.
  • No one is an expert on everything. Allow different people to assist you in different ways.
  • There is an amazing array of opportunities available to you just by being a member of the University community.

Build Relationships

  • Learn your professor's name the first week of class. This is an important part of your commitment to your coursework.
  • The NEIU community is a network that can positively affect the rest of your life.
  • Your professors will write academic and professional letters of recommendation.
  • Your professors can suggest classes you might like, career paths you might not be aware of, and graduate programs that fit your needs to a tee.
  • Your peers are also your network. They have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise. 
  • If possible, join professional organizations and student clubs.
  • What people call "networking" is really the building of relationships. People think of and recommend those they know they can trust.

Nontraditional Degree Programs

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