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Geography and Environmental Studies
Landscape Ecology, Mapping and Spatial Analysis

Ph.D., Coastal Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi
B.S., Biology, Hanoi University of Science – Vietnam National University

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Selected Publications

  • Pham LT, Biber PD, Wu W, Carter GA, Cho HJ. (2020). Chapter 9: Historical change of seagrasses in the Mississippi and Chandeleur Sounds. In: Daniels JA, editor. Advances in Environment Research Vol 70. New York, USA: Nova Science Publ. p 201-243. (ISBN 978-1-53616-972-0).

  • Pham LT, Biber PD, Carter GA. 2014. Seagrasses in the Mississippi and Chandeleur Sounds and problems associated with decadal-scale change detection. Gulf Mex Sci 32(1-2): 24-43.

  •  Biber PD, Wu W, Peterson MS, Liu Z, Pham LT. 2012. Oil contamination in Mississippi salt marsh habitats and the impacts to Spartina alterniflora photosynthesis. In: Alford B, Peterson MS,Green C, editors. Impacts of oil spill disasters on marine habitats and fisheries in North America. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. p 133-172.

  • Dietzman GR, Soejarto DD, Tran TV, Nguyen DA, Do TD, Pham LT. 2007. Geographic Information System (GIS) to analyze plant biodiversity hot spots for conservation activities at Tam Dao National Park. VNU J Sci Nat Sci Technol.

  • Tran TV, Nguyen DA, Pham LT. 2007. Vegetation classification of Tam Dao National Park through remote sensing and GIS [in Vietnamese]. Proc Natl Life Sci Conf.

  • Tran TV, Nguyen DA, Bui PL, Pham LT. 2007. Analyzing changes in the vegetation cover of Bach Dang estuary ecosystem from 1995 to 2006 – Scientific foundation for sustainable utilization of biodiversity [in Vietnamese]. Proc Natl Life Sci Conf.

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