An adult student (18 years old or over) who has been a bona fide resident of Illinois for a period of at least six consecutive months immediately preceding the official beginning of any term of registration at Northeastern Illinois University will be considered an Illinois resident for tuition purposes. Other residency categories are explained in the NEIU Academic Catalog.

Evidence of resident status shall be submitted at the time of application for admission. A student may have his/her residency status reclassified at any time by the University on the basis of additional or changed information.

If the student is classified in error as a resident student, the change in tuition shall be applied to the next term after reclassification. If the student is classified in error as a non-resident, the change in tuition shall be applicable to the term in which the reclassification occurs. A written request for reconsideration must be filed with Enrollment Services (Room D 101) within 30 calendar days of the date of assessment of tuition. For additional information refer to the current NEIU Academic Catalog.