John Casey
Professor, Coordinator, Advisor
College of Arts and Sciences
(773) 442-5922
History of Philosophy, Logic and Critical Thinking
Courses Taught
PHIL 101-Argument and Reasoning
PHIL 102-Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 201-Logic I
PHIL 300-History of Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 301-History of Medieval Philosophy
Phil 302-History of Modern Philosophy
PHIL 303-Logic II
PHIL 371-Theory of Knowledge
PHIL 384-Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 385-Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 396-Seminar in the History of Philosophy
PHIL 341-Metaphysics
Research Interests
Argumentation, History of Medieval Philosophy

Ph.D., Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago (2002)

Selected Publications


Straw Man Arguments: A Study in Fallacy Theory. (with Scott Aikin) 2022. Bloomsbury.

Read a review of Straw Man Arguments in the Times Literary Supplement.

REcent Articles and essays

“Knock Knock: Meta-Argumentative Humor, Who?” with Scott Aikin, Inquiry: Critical Thinking across the Disciplines. (forthcoming)

“What I fear about living most is wasting my time” Southwest Journal of Philosophy. 38 (2) July 2022.

“How to have better arguments” (with Scott Aikin). Psyche. 2022.

“Beliefs, commitments, and ad baculum arguments.” Languages 7: 107.

“Argumentation and the Problem of Agreement” (with Scott Aikin). Synthese. 200

“Bothsiderism” (with Scott Aikin). Argumentation. 36; 249–268 (2022)

“Heroic Arguers and Glorious Arguments.” (with Dan Cohen) Proceedings of the European Conference on Argumentation. 2020.

"No place for compromise: Resisting the shift to negotiation." (with David Godden). Argumentation. 2020.

“Adversariality and Argumentation.” Informal Logic. 40 (1) 77-108. 2020

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