Aleksandar Jankovski
Political Science
College of Arts and Sciences
Courses Taught
International Law
International Political Economy
Principles of International Relations
Russia in International Politics
Model United Nations
Research Interests
International Relations Theory

Ph.D. The University of Miami

Selected Publications

“Ideas y normas como determinantes de la política exterior: el caso de Guerra Aérea durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial,” in La Segunda Guerra Mundial: A 70 años, eds. Modesto Seara Vázquez and Alberto Lozano Vázquez (Universidad del Mar, 2015).

“The Russian Federation, the United States, and International Order as a Social Construct,” in Stosunki Międzynarodowe – International Relations, Vol. 52, No. 2, pp. 214-249, September 2016.

“Russia and the United States: On Irritants, Friction, and International Order, or What Can we Learn from Hedley Bull,” in International Politics, Volume 53, No. 6, pp 727–751.

“The Russian Federation and the West: The Problem of International Order,” in The Russian Challenge to the European Security Environment, ed. Roger Kanet (Palgrave, 2017).

Additional Information

Aleksandar Jankovski teaches in the areas of international security, international political economy, international relations theory, comparative politics, and formal models. Dr. Jankovski’s research, situated within the English School tradition of International Relations Theory, interrogates the concepts of international order, international society, and international community. His research has been published in the journals International Politics and Stosunki Międzynarodowe – International Relations. Additionally, his research has been published as chapters in edited volume.

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