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Virtual Parking Permits - Guest

Parking for visitors, vendors and community members is available in spaces designated as Blue Zone and Green Zone. Virtual permits are available for sale via the phone app. You may purchase Blue Zone virtual parking permits online or in the Parking Office, which is located on the north side of the Parking Facility. Blue Zone virtual permits are valid in Green Zones.

Virtual Parking Permits - Direct Purchase

If you will be visiting the University on a long-term basis, you may purchase a direct purchase virtual parking permit online or at the Parking Office.

Virtual Permit Type Gold Zone Blue Zone Blue Zone Community User
Semester $379.00 $181.00 $91.00
Academic* $675.00 N/A N/A
Annual** $749.00 $543.00 N/A

*Valid from the beginning of the fall semester through the end of the spring semester.
**Valid from beginning of the fall semester through the end of the summer semester.

Community User

If you are an individual that is not affiliated with the University as an employee, student or vendor, you may qualify as a community user. Qualifying status is determined by the Parking Office.

Drop-Off Locations

There are two drop-off locations—Lech Walesa Hall and the Northeastern Child Care Center. Child Care Center drop-off parking spots may be used for temporary parking associated with the drop off and pick up of children participating in the daycare program. Lech Walesa Hall drop-off spots are for drop off and pick up of students only. No parking is allowed. These areas are closely monitored. Please visit the Campus Parking Locations and Maps page to view our on-campus parking options.


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