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Motor Assistance

Northeastern provides complementary motorist assistance services for vehicles legally parked in a University parking space on the main campus. Services will be provided by the Parking Office or the University Police Department upon verification of ownership or authorized usage and signing of a liability release form. University Police or Parking Agents will not be held liable for any damage that results in such assistance.

Jump Starts

We will provide jump-start assistance for the recharging of your vehicle battery. Contact the Parking Office or University Police for assistance.

Low Tire Assistance

We will provide air for low tires on your vehicle. Contact the Parking Office for assistance on the main campus.

Vehicle Unlock

The University Police will attempt to provide vehicle unlock assistance for your vehicle. Please contact them for assistance.

Emergency phones

Northeastern has code blue emergency direct dial phones located on campus walkways. The phones are readily recognizable by the blue light on top of the column that houses the emergency phone. These phones dial the University Police Department directly by a push of a button.

Escort Service

University Police will provide escort service upon request to members of the university community walking on campus to the parking lots or adjacent city streets. Request for escort service may be made at the University Police Department (F-Lot) or by contacting University Police at (773) 442‑4100.

Overnight Parking

University community members who require parking on campus overnight must first register their vehicle at the University Police Department for overnight parking. University Police reserves the right to assign designated overnight parking areas. The University is not responsible for any damages to vehicles parked on campus overnight.


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