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Sandra Beyda-Lorie portrait image

Sandra Beyda-Lorie

Special Education
(773) 442-5583
LWH 4059
Effie Kritikos portrait image

Effie Kritikos

Professor and Interim Chair, Counselor and Special Education
College of Education
(773) 442-5500
LWH 4041
Maria T. Frances portrait image

Maria Frances

Office Manager
Special Education
(773) 442-5584
LWH 4058
Barbara Quashie portrait image

Barbara Quashie

Office Support Specialist
Special Education
(773) 442-5580
LWH 4058
Kathleen L. Brown portrait image
(773) 442-5593
LWH 4052
Jolanta W. Jonak, Ed.D. portrait image
(773) 442-5992
LWH 3024
Michele Kane portrait image
(773) 442-5594
LWH 4055
Phyllis L. LeDosquet portrait image

Phyllis LeDosquet

Special Education
(773) 442-5591
LWH 4040
Mark E. Melton portrait image

Mark Melton

Special Education
(773) 442-5577
LWH 4035
Gerardo Moreno portrait image

Gerardo Moreno

Director, William Itkin Children's Service Center
Special Education
(773) 442-5715
LWH 4020-E
Mickie Wong-Lo portrait image

Mickie Wong-Lo

Special Education
(773) 442-5595
LWH 3035
David Yasutake portrait image

David Yasutake

Interim Chair, Physical Education Department
(773) 442-5581
PE 1138

Special Education

Contact Special Education

T (773) 442-5580

Contact Special Education

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