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NEIU’s Department of Psychology offers an undergraduate program that leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a graduate program which leads to a Master of Arts in Gerontology. Our comprehensive Psychology program exposes you to various areas of psychology as well as opportunities for hands-on research and optional field experience.

The department faculty members represent a number of theoretical approaches as well as a wide range of content areas, enhancing your opportunity to become acquainted with the full scope of this broad and complex subject. Because of the need to create a combination of courses consistent with their career goals, students are urged to form a continuing relationship with a faculty advisor in the department early in their major.

The interdisciplinary nature of psychology requires familiarity with other fields. Students intending to pursue graduate studies should have a strong background in mathematics and the natural sciences. All psychology majors will benefit from course work in philosophy, physiology, literature, history, the social sciences, and computer science.

Minors in psychology and in gerontology are also offered.

Academic Catalog Information 

Take a closer look at the Bachelor in Psychology and the courses offered toward the degree.

Psychology, B.A.

Department and Contact Information 

If you are interested in the program or have questions, please contact Psychology.

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