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Philosophy is an invaluable addition to any major. With its emphasis on clear and careful reasoning, philosophy can provide a valuable foundation for careers in communication, politics, social work, and education. It can also provide a strong foundation for careers in public administration and policy making by teaching you how to identify and examine the values and methods implied in everyday decision making.


Degree Requirements 

*Students in the Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education programs who have selected this minor must complete a minimum of 9 hours at the 300-level to meet graduation and certification requirements.


Required Courses:

PHIL-213  Ethics
  3 credits
History of Philosophy* (1 course)
  3 credits
One additional philosophy course at the 300-level
  3 credits
3 Electives
  9 credits
18 credits
*History of Philosophy courses (each 3 credit hours)
PHIL-222 History of Ancient Philosophy
PHIL-231 History of Medieval Philosophy
PHIL-241 History of Modern Philosophy
PHIL-390 Classical Political Theory
PHIL-391 Modern Political Theory
PHIL-346 19th Century Continental Philosophy

For advising on course selections or questions regarding the philosophy degree contact one of the Advisors for the program.


Program Contact Information 

Philosophy Program Advisors:
Dr. Casey can be contacted by email at and by telephone at 773-442-5922.
Dr. Milsky can be contacted by email at and by telephone at 773-442-5798.
Dr. Frankowski can be contacted by email at and by telephone at 773-442-5796.


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