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The Department of Linguistics offers courses leading to a minor in linguistics for liberal arts majors and for prospective elementary school language arts teachers. In addition, the department offers courses that are required for students majoring in English education on the secondary level, and bilingual-bicultural education.

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Degree Requirements 

Students who wish to complete a minor must complete a total of 18 credit hours. Students should consult the Academic Catalog for the University’s graduation requirements to ensure the completion of the requisite number of 200 and 300 level semester hours. Please contact your advisor for more information and to discuss your course sequence. During the course of completing your minor, you may also fulfill the University’s general education requirement by taking LING 110: Lexicology and LING 120: Language and Human Behavior. LING 120 also fulfills the Improving Human Relations requirement of the State of Illinois for obtaining a bachelor’s degree.


Linguistics Department Undergraduate Course Descriptions


LING 201 Introduction to General Linguistics
LING 300 English and Grammar in the Classroom
LING 322 Introduction to Sociolinguistics


LING 110 Lexicology: The Study of Words
LING 120 Language & Human Behavior
LING 301 History of the English Language.
LING 303 Grammars of English
LING 304 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
LING 316 Languages and Cultures: Middle East
LING 320 Language and Culture: Varies
LING 320G Language and Culture: Aboriginal Australia
LING 320N Language and Culture: Native American
LING 320M Languages and Cultures of the Middle East
LING-323 First and Second Language Acquisition
LING 337 Ethnography in the Classroom
LING 338 Introduction to Syntactic Theory
LING 345 Linguistics and Reading
LING 347 The Origin of Language
LING 352 Introduction to Psycholinguistics
LING 360 Seminar in Linguistics: Varies
LING 361 Introduction to World Englishes
LING 362 Linguistics and Literature
LING 363 The Graphic Novel: Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Approaches
LING 364 Introduction to African American English
LING 391F Advanced Grammatical Analysis: Mandan
LING 391N Advanced Grammatical Analysis: Biloxi                                                          
LING 391O Advanced Grammatical Analysis: Crow                                                  

Program Contact Information 

Undergraduate Advisor

Richard W. Hallett
Professor, Coordinator, Undergraduate Advisor
Office: LWH-2030, Phone: 773-442-5879, email address:

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