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A minor in IES will prepare you to succeed at the University and in your professional life. While you are studying at Northeastern, the IES coursework will:

  • prepare you to succeed at an academic level in English.
  • give you a solid foundation for academic excellence.
  • enable you to perform comfortably in English in a variety of academic settings.

When you apply for a job upon graduation from Northeastern, having a minor in IES will:

  • show your potential employer that you have advanced skills in written and spoken English.
  • provide you with the ability to communicate effectively in English.

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Seven courses are required to complete the IES minor (4 core courses and 3 electives) - Course offerings can be viewed in the Academic Catalog . The core courses are offered within the ELP and/or English departments. The electives are chosen from various courses that emphasize reading, writing, and the structure of English, as well as oral skills. Students who are interested in pursuing the minor in IES will work closely with an advisor to choose the best path for them to complete the program. Four core courses are required for the IES Minor:

  • ELP-120: English Language Workshop III
  • READ-116: Reading for the Advanced ESL Student
  • ELP-230: Content Based ESL ELP-290: English for Specific Purposes

Three Electives may be chosen from the following courses:


  • ENGL-200: Writing in Context
  • ENGL-235: Intro to Creative Writing I
  • ENGL-236: Intro to Creative Writing II
  • ENGL-335: Written Communication for Business
  • ENGL-375: The Essentials of Tutoring Writing
  • ENGL-376: Advanced Composition
  • ENGL-377: Argumentative Prose


  • ENGL-201: The World of Poetry
  • ENGL-202: The World of Drama
  • ENGL-203: The World of Fiction
  • ENGL-360: Detective Fiction
  • ENGL-380: Multi-Cultural Literature in America
  • ENGL-390: Young Adult Novel ENGL-391: Children’s Literature

Structure of Language:

  • LING-110: Lexicology: The Study of Words
  • LING-201: Introduction to General Linguistics
  • LING-300: English Grammar in the Classroom
  • LING-301: History of the English Language
  • LING-303: Introduction to Phonology
  • LING-345: Linguistics and Reading

Oral Skills:

  • COMM-100: Introduction to Communication
  • COMM-101: Public Speaking
  • COMM-202: Voice and Diction
  • COMM-214: Business and Professional Communication
  • COMM-306: Studies in Speech
  • COMM-310: Persuasion
  • COMM-313: Communication, Gender and Identity
  • COMM-314: Organizational Communication

Program Contact Information 

For More Information Contact the Minor Advisor

Lawrence Berlin, PhD Office: LWH 0007 Telephone: (773) 442-5493 Email:

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