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Declaring or Removing an Undergraduate Pre-major, Major, or Minor

Northeastern requires all undergraduate students to declare a major by the time they have earned 45 semester hours.  The Undergraduate Major/Minor Declaration form should be completed and submitted to Enrollment Management Services (D-101).  The Undergraduate Major/Minor Declaration form also is used to declare a minor, or to remove (undeclare) a pre-major, major, or minor.

Students intending to major in business, education, or social work should first declare a “pre-major” until all College of Business and Management, College of Education, or Department of Social Work admission requirements are completed.  Once the admission requirements are satisfied, be sure to submit a second Undergraduate Major/Minor Declaration form to declare the business, education, or social work major.

In most cases, you can declare or remove (undeclare) a pre-major, major, or minor throughout the school year.  Please check with the program for any specific deadlines that may exist.

Email with any questions about the major/minor declaration process that we can answer for you.

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