Roommate Questions

Is The Nest co-ed?

•  The Nest units will be based on gender. Wings and floors are not gender-specific. Gender-neutral housing options are available. If you are interested in gender-neutral housing, please indicate this on your application or contact the leasing office at or (773) 442-4663.

How will room assignments be made?

  • Rooms will be assigned based on the results of the Resident Profile sheet given to residents when they sign their lease. Residents should accurately and honestly indicate their preferences and behaviors so that The Nest employees can group them appropriately. If a resident wishes to live with specific residents, they may indicate this on their Resident Profile sheet. The Nest will do its best to accommodate such requests.

When can I submit my resident profile sheet?

  • Students can submit their resident profile sheet when they sign their leasing contract.

If I indicate a roommate preference, will that request be honored?

  • The Nest cannot guarantee that all requests will be made; housing arrangements are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Are room changes possible?

  • Yes, room changes are possible. Generally, there is a two-week freeze period that does not allow students to move. After two weeks, students are encouraged to consult their Resident Assistants (RAs) for conflict resolution and refer to their roommate agreement. In the event that issues cannot be resolved, residents must contact the leasing office for more information about room changes.

How many people do I share a bathroom with?

•  Each unit has four residents who each share two bathrooms.

How many resident assistants will live in The Nest?

•  The Nest will have six resident assistants.

When can I apply to be a resident assistant?

  • Resident assistant applications will be available in Spring 2016.