The Nest Guidelines Questions

What fire safety precautions are in place?

  • All units are outfitted with smoke detectors and sprinklers. Fire extinguishers are centrally located in each hallway. Drills will be performed each semester to ensure residents understand all the fire safety procedures.

Do I need a vehicle if I live at The Nest?

  • Residents do not need a vehicle. As part of their student fees, full-time undergraduate students receive a U-Pass, granting unlimited use of CTA transportation which is effective from the first day of class to the last day of finals each applicable semester. This pass allows residents to be mobile throughout Chicago.

Is parking included?

  • Parking is not included in your housing payment. Students seeking parking options should consult University Parking for assistance.

Are meal plans required?

  • No, meal plans are not required, but a discounted declining-balance plan is available for students interested in eating in the University cafeteria.

Is there a food court in the building?

  • The Nest does not provide food service; however, the University cafeteria in the Student Union and Descartes Café in both the Library and Student Union are options that are in close proximity.

Where is the Leasing Office located?

  • The leasing office is currently located on the first floor of The Nest.

What is the noise policy?

  • Although the exact policy has not yet been established, parameters for respectful noise levels will be enforced at all times.

What is a Limited Liability Lease?

  • Limited Liability Leases are contracts in which residents assume financial responsibility for only their commitment to The Nest.

What about alcohol and drugs at The Nest?

  • Northeastern Illinois University prohibits underage possession, manufacture, consumption, or distribution of alcoholic beverages on University property. The University also prohibits the manufacture, delivery, sale, use, possession, or distribution of any form of illegal drugs. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct for more information.