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NEIU Student Health Services provides appointments to chicagoland NEIU students.

Appointment Scheduling

For convenience and confidentiality, appointments with NEIU Student Health Services are scheduled online at our Health Portal website.

First time users must register to access the online appointment site. Student ID# must total nine digits. Use leading zeros in front of the highlighted section on your ID to make a total of nine digits.

TB TESTS are only given Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. DO NOT schedule for a TB test on Thursday or Friday. Any appointments made for TB test on Thursday or Friday will be automatically canceled. If you are pregnant/breast feeding, the Health Service nurses cannot provide a TB skin test without written permission from your physician.


How to schedule an appointment online

1. First time users: Click on the link "Click here to register" at the top of the appointment page.
  • Enter NEIU ID including enough zeros (0) BEFORE the number to equal 9 digits
  • Enter Birth date MM/DD/YYYY (do not use the calendar)
  • Enter NEIU e-mail address and verify
  • Click on Register
2. Go to your e-mail and copy down the password sent to you (Do not copy and paste!)
3. Go back to the Health Portal
  • Enter your NEIU ID including leading zeros (0)
  • Click on Logon
4. Hover on "Appt Scheduling"
5. Click on "Schedule Appt" to schedule a health service appointment
6. Click on "Accept terms"
7."Search for Appointment" box will appear
  • Click on the calendar icon to choose a date or leave today's date if you want to see immediate availability
  • Scroll down list of "Reasons for Appointment"and select your reason
  • Click on Search - available times will appear on right
  • Select the provider in the time slot you want
  • Click on OK to confirm
  • You will get a confirmation message
  • Click on Log off
8. Under "Appt Scheduling" clicking on "View Appts" allows you to see your appointment history in Student Health Services.
9. You can also cancel a pending appointment on this screen.
10. After first use, all you need to do is enter NEIU ID including leading zeros (0) and Password to access the scheduler.
11. "My Profile" allows you to change your password.

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