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Why should we assess? 

  • To document student learning and development.
  • To assure programs and services are aligned with mission, vision, values, and strategic goals.
  • To enhance efficacy of programs and services through continuous improvement.
  • To illustrate the impact of the Division of Student Affairs to internal and external stakeholders.

What do we assess?

We assess interactions and experiences such as programs and services experienced by students, and/or that ultimately impact subsequent interactions with students like staff development opportunities, and/or external stakeholders that support students (e.g., programs for employers and programs for families). 

How do we assess? 

The following documents will assist with identifying the type of assessment instrument that is most appropriate for your program and/or service, as well as ideas for sharing and utilizing results: 

  • Pre-planning document
  • Create your own assessment document
  • Plan for sharing and utilizing data

Please feel free to contact the Assessment Committee at any time by sending an email to

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