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Project Success & You

Studying at Northeastern Illinois University opens doors to interacting with one of the most  ethnically diverse university communities in the Midwest, and provides course content and opportunities for global experience. Faculty is dedicated to excellence in instruction, research and public service.

As a department, Project Success provides support services that help students build a strong academic and social foundation and transition into the collegiate environment. Each student receives attentive academic advising, enrollment in a three-credit skills building and transition seminar course, access to academic peer mentors and tutoring programs in the Learning Support Center and the Math Development Program, as well as academic skill building workshops and priority consideration for all Northeastern summer bridge programs.

Simply put, our only project is your SUCCESS. 

Individualized Academic Advising

  • Each student meets with our Program Specialist at least 2 times a semester for general advising, registration, and schedule changes. During these meetings the Program Specialist create academic success plans, review progress reports, find university support recourses, help with issues occurring outside of school, and much more.

Progress Reports b.k.a. Student Check-ins

  • With assistance from the Program Specialist our students complete the Student Check-in progress report, which gives the instructors an opportunity to share the student’s academic progress at strategic points within the semester. We use this information to create an individualized Academic Success Plans and direct students to the appropriate university support resource.  

Academic Skills Building Seminar Course

  • Our course develops fundamental reading, writing, math, and critical thinking skills during the first semester of our students’ freshman year. We also partner with the Math Development department to provide tutoring and math workshops during class time. We also review our academic outcomes each year and adjust the seminar course to address the academic needs of our students.  

Golden Eagles Peer Mentor Program

  • Our peer mentors help student develop study skills, navigate the university environment, and serve as accountability buddies for students adjusting to the independence of college.

Academic Support Partnerships

  • Our partnerships with the Learning Support Center, the Math Development Department, and the English Department allow us to create schedules with exclusive tutoring and study halls for Project Success students.  We also leverage those partnerships to find extra opportunities for academic support like NEIU’s Math Enrichment Workshops.

A Wonderful Team of Dedicated Professionals

  • We love working with our students and each person within the Project Success office is passionate about student success. You will not meet a group of people more dedicated to you or your student’s success. 

Project Success

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