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The major challenge facing students who are deaf/hard-of-hearing is communication, and various communication methods are often utilized. In academic settings, speech reading (lip reading), manual communication (sign language or finger spelling), and writing are often needed. The Student Disability Services (SDS) staff will assist students and their faculty instructor with identifying the specific communication method that best facilitates their academic goals and objectives within a class room environment. Listed below are helpful hints for students who are deaf/hard-of-hearing to follow when services are needed. 

You may qualify for an interpreter for all classes and class-related events. Learn more about sign language interpreting services.

  • You may qualify for a note-taker.
  • Closed captioning assistance or a transcript of videotapes used in the classroom may also be provided.
  • You may qualify for Communication Access Real Time Transcription (CART).
  • SDS has a video-phone for our deaf/hard-of-hearing students. Please stop by D 104 if you have calls you need to make.

Student Disability Services, in collaboration with the student, schedules all auxiliary aides, e.g., interpreters, note takers, readers, etc. services prior to the start of each semester. Confidentiality guidelines are adhered to by staff and student interactions between staff and student are not discussed.

Disability Services

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