A male student is typing on a laptop. A female student sitting next  to the male student is reading his laptop monitor.

Communication Access Realtime Translation Services (CART)

CART is an acronym that stands for Communication Access Realtime Translation.  It is a live speech-to-text interpreting service. The CART translator attends the class, and communicates remotely with the student, providing access to what is being said in-class. A transcript is emailed to the student shortly after the class has met.

  • As soon as you've registered and confirmed your schedule for the upcoming semester, request CART services via the CART Request Form below

CART Request Form

  • Student should notify the CART coordinator if there any changes to your class schedule
  • Students should notify the CART coordinator, 24hrs in advance, of absences, or class cancellations

Any questions or concerns, contact:  Fernando Riascos, at friascos@neiu.edu, or, SDS, at sds@neiu.edu