Personal Training

Want to get fit or live a healthier lifestyle but not sure how? Try the NEIU Personal Training program. By registering for personal training you will receive one-on-one instruction that incorporates assessment, goal setting, and education into a comprehensive fitness plan that is specifically designed for you. Your trainer is there to proved instruction, ensure safety, educate, help motivate, and make activity fun!

How to Get Started:

  1. Before registering please contact Associate Director Martha Montes at or (773) 442-4131, to set up the best fit schedule for you, and our trainer.
  2. Fill out the Personal Training Registration Form and bring it to the front desk at the P.E. Complex. Payment is due at time of registration or prior to scheduling or attending any sessions. Cash or check only.
  3. After registration you will be contacted within 10 business days to schedule your initial fitness assessment.
  4. During your first appointment you and your trainer will review your health history and health/wellness goals. 

Personal Training Packages  

Package Current NEIU Student Faculty/Staff* Alumni/Affiliate* Community Member*
Initial Package $30 $90 $90 $100
3 Sessions $80 $90 $90 $100
6 Sessions $150 $160 $160 $180
12 Sessions $280 $300 $300 $320

The Initial Package includes a fitness assessment and three training sessions.

*Prices are with a current membership

Strength Training Sessions: January 28 - March 30

Learn the foundations of strength training over an eight-week session. A small class set up with our personal trainers to learn proper form and technique, along with different protocols to maximize results. All levels are welcome.


Days Times Instructor
$60/session $75/session $85/session

Session Dates/Times:

Days Times Instructor
Monday 2-3 p.m. Bryan
Tuesday 2-3 p.m. TBA
Wednesday 2-3 p.m. Bryan
Thursday 2-3 p.m. Michael
Friday 4-5 p.m. Lucy
Saturday 10-11 a.m. Bryan

People needing special assistance or accommodations should contact Student Disability Services at (773) 442-4595 or or visit the SDS office:

Student Disability Services D 104
5500 North St. Louis Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.