The Social Justice Ally Initiative (SJAI)

The SJAI Initiative was established to provide a holistic and comprehensive curriculum for social justice related trainings at Northeastern. The University mission and The Division of Student Affairs strategic goals provide the framework for our work and training programs. The SJAI is based upon the following values and strategic goals:

University Value: Diversity

Northeastern Illinois University values the inclusion of a broad spectrum of students, staff and faculty in the life of the University. We encourage the open and respectful expression of ideas and differences in thoughts, experiences and opinions.

student affairs value: social justice

We celebrate diversity and encourage the idea of equal participation within our society and foster in our students a commitment to creating a more equitable and just world.

SJAI Learning Outcomes

After completing the Social Justice Ally Initiative in its entirety, participants will be able to:

ARTICULATE critical issues and concepts affecting students who hold historically oppressed identities.

RECOGNIZE how institutional barriers within Northeastern Illinois University and in society-at-large affect students.

IDENTIFY internal and external resources in order to remove institutional barriers affecting students attending Northeastern Illinois University.

Within 4-6 months of completing SJAI, participants will APPLY newly acquired knowledge within their field of influence and/or department and show evidence of action taken.

How to Join the SJAI cohort for 2017-2018

To be part of the cohort, complete and submit the SJAI Agreement.

How to register for the sjai trainings:

You can register for the trainings on the SJAI/RSVP Calendar