Therese Hlavin - TRIO SSS Director Therese Hlavin
Room: LIB 407

I love working at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) because it provides many opportunities to interact with people who share similar beliefs in the transformative power of education. The students and staff of the TRIO Student Support Services department provide positive energy to my day, since no one day is the same, and yet each offers potential for collaboration and improvement of student services. The best part of working at NEIU is attending graduation. Witnessing Northeastern students receive their diplomas is an immeasurable reward, since I see firsthand all the hard work and determination they put forth to achieve their dreams and to realize that they hold the key to the world’s future.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending my time with family; especially with my grandson. We like taking apart and putting back together toy cars, trucks, and trains, and fixing things around the house, and learning how things work. I also like to write, make art projects, and read.

Something most people do not know about me is that I worked teaching ESL and GED classes at the Cook County Department of Corrections. This experience set me on the pathway toward advocating for access and opportunity in education for all people.