Vicki Byard
Professor, Women's and Gender Studies
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
(773) 442-5815
Composition theory and pedagogy, women's studies, LGBTQ+ studies.
Courses Taught
ENGL 101 Writing I
ENGL 102 Writing II
ENGL 303 Contemporary LGBTQ+ Literature
ENGL 310 WIP: Introduction to Composition Studies
ENGL 371 Studies in Women's Literature
ENGL 376 Advanced Composition
ENGL 377 Argumentative Prose
ENGL 427 Pedagogies of College Writing
ENGL 436 Rhetorics of Composition
ENGL 438 Research in Composition
ENGL 439 Stylistics
ENGL 453 Thesis Seminar in English
WGS 101 Women's Perspectives and Values
WGS 210 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies
WGS 350 Seminar in Women's Studies: Reading & Writing Women's Autobiographies
Research Interests
Anti-racism, transgender studies, embodiment, diversity issues in higher education.

B.A. in English and Sociology, Towson State University, 1983
M.A. in English (Rhetoric and Composition), Purdue University, 1985
Ph.D. in English (Rhetoric and Composition), Purdue University, 1993

Selected Publications

Bibliographic Research in Composition Studies. West Lafayette, Ind.: Parlor Press, 2009.

Instructor's Resource Manual for The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing, Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1997. Also, Second Edition, 2000.


Vicki Byard joined the NEIU faculty in 1991. Some of the highlights of her career at NEIU have been serving as the Chair of the Task Force for Addressing the Needs of LGBTQ and Women Students (2012), receiving the Martha Thompson Outstanding Faculty Award from the Women's and Gender Studies Program (2017), serving as Chair of the Faculty Senate (2018-2020), serving as Faculty Fellow in the Angelina Pedroso Center for Diversity and Intercultural Affairs (2018-2020), and teaching intensive thesis-writing course to International Relations students at the University of Warsaw (2019). In her personal life, she has raised two children, volunteered for social justice initiatives, and performed stories she has written for live literature events.

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