Dr. Sandra Williams
HRD Coordinator and HRD Graduate Advisor
Literacy, Leadership, and Development
College of Education
Sandra L. Williams is a consultant and Associate Professor of Human Resource Development, specializing in corporate values, mentoring, and trust in the workplace. Her work is a unique blend of business experience, training and development, and current research in the human resource development field. Dr. Williams is the creator of several values-based ethics training programs offered by the Better Business Bureau of Chicago which are entitled: Ethics for Business Success, and is the designer of Insight, an integrity program for student leaders. She is also the author of a leadership program published as Human Capital Management & Development. Her mission is to elevate the level of trustworthiness, ethical behavior, and value-based principles within organizations. She provides leaders with a foundation for both corporate responsibility and personal integrity. Toward this end, she designs ethics training workshops and customized workplace mentoring programs.
Courses Taught
HRD 310 Instructional Techniques and Technology
HRD 325 WIP: Communication in HRD
HRD 400 HRD and the Organization
HRD 406 Instructional Design in HRD
HRD 411 Consulting in HRD
HRD 415 Seminar in HRD
Research Interests
Dr. Williams’ research is focused on online and blended course design (including facilitation and delivery), and values in organizations. The design and the outcomes of online course experiences is an interest from both a learner and instructor/trainer perspective. From an online instructor and facilitator perspective, Dr. Williams focuses on the process of E-mentoring. This involves recruitment, training, ongoing E-Mentor scheme management, E-mentoring design, technical e-platform management, and E-Mentor outcomes. Her interest in values in organizations includes values development and values training in the workplace. She examines the role of values as described by managers and employees within their professional development, and she has published a study of the role of values for managers working in international businesses.

Ph.D., University of Illinois (Urbana)

Selected Publications

Dr. Williams’ written work has been published in both research journals and management magazines, including: the Journal of Organizational Excellence, the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, Business Horizons Journal, Human Resource Development International, the RMA Journal,  Corporate Responsibility Officer, Association Forum, and Human Resource Management Perspectives.

Williams, S. L.  (under review). Logan Park Neighborhood Assistance - A Case of Analysis and Assessment. New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resource Development, Wiley/Blackwell Publishers.

Williams, S. L., Cornell-Powers, C., & Kim, J. (2013). Teaching HRD with 3-E’s. In D. Chapman (Ed.) Academy of Human Resource Development 2013 Research Conference in the American Proceedings. Academy of Human Resource Development, St. Paul, MN.

Williams, S. L., Sunderman, J. A., and Kim, J.H. (2012). E-mentoring in Online Course Projects: Benefits and Challenges to E-mentors. International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 10 (1), 109-123.

Williams, S. L. and Kim, J. H. (2011). E-mentoring in Online Course Projects: Description of an E-mentoring Scheme. International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 9 (2), 80-95.

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