Marshall Thompson
Associate Provost, The Division of Academic Affairs; Associate Professor
Political Science
College of Arts and Sciences
(773) 442-4269
Comparative Politics, Democratic Institutions, Political Economy, State Consolidation, African Politics
Courses Taught
AFAM 200: Intro to African & African American Studies
PSCI 210: Intro to Political Science
PSCI 251: Comparative Political Systems
PSCI 360: Politics of sub-Saharan Africa
PSCI 372: Democracy, Responsiveness, & Accountability
PSCI 378: International Political Economy
PSCI 460: Comparative Democratic Institutions
PSCI 465: Seminar in African Politics
PSCI 483: International Political Economy
Research Interests
State Consolidation, Party Systems, Political Executives, Inter-branch Relations, Economic Inequality, Ethiopian and Kenyan Politics.

Ph.D. & A.M, Washington University in St. Louis
B.A., University of South Carolina

Selected Publications

Sened, Itai, Marshall Thompson, and Robert Walker. 2013. “The State, Property Rights, and the Middle Class: Empirical Support for an Aristotlean Observation.” The Indiana Journal of Political Science 14: 61-85.

Sened, Itai, Marshall Thompson, Robert Walker, and Ron Watson. 2010. “The Middle Class: A New Conceptual Framework and a Brief Application to the Caucasus.” The Caucasus and Globalization 4(Issue 1-2): 106-117.

Thompson, Marshall. 2009. “Parties, Presidents, and State Consolidation: Cross-National Evidence with Illustrations from Kenya.” African and Asian Studies 8(4): 345-374.

Thompson, Marshall. 2009. “Research, Identities, and Praxis: The Tensions of Integrating Identity into the Field Experience.” PS: Political Science & Politics 42(April):325-328.

Thompson, Marshall. 2006. “Advocating Stronger Legislatures as a Precursor to Stronger States in Africa.” The OSSREA Bulletin 3(3): 16-24.

Room LWH 2078
Northeastern Illinois University
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Chicago, IL 60625
United States

(773) 442-4269
Office Hours
Wednesday and Thursday: Noon-2 p.m.
Main Campus
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