Jennifer Banas
Associate Professor & Community Health Program Coordinator
Health Sciences and Physical Education
College of Education
(773) 442-5579
Health Education, Public Health, Instructional Design and Technology, Curriculum and Instruction
Courses Taught
HSCI 350: Health Program Needs Assessment, Planning, and Implementation
HSCI 355: Organization and Administration of the School Health Program
HSCI 360: Health Program Administration, Marketing, and Evaluation
HSCI 365: Health Education for the Middle and High School
HSCI 375: Field Experience: School Health Education
SCED 305K: Student Teaching - Health Education
Research Interests
Efficient and effective design of instruction; health communications; technology for teaching, learning, and personal health; school health; and health literacy.

Ed.D, Instructional Design & Technology; Northern Illinois University, 2007

M.S. Ed., Curriculum & Instruction; Northern Illinois University, 2001

M.P.H., Health Education & Promotion; University of Illinois - Chicago, 1996

B.S., Health Care Planning & Administration; University of Illinois - Champaign, 1994

Selected Publications

Banas, J., Ball, J., Wallis, L., & Gershon, S. (2017). The adolescent healthcare broker: Adolescents interpreting for family members and themselves in healthcare.  Journal of Community Health. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1007/s10900-016-0312-5.

Santos Green, L., Banas, J.R., & Perkins, R. (2017). The flipped college classroom: Conceptualized and re-conceptualized. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.

Banas, J., Victorson, D., Gutierrez S., Cordero, E., Guitelman, J. & Haas, N. (2017). Developing a peer-to-peer health application to connect Hispanic cancer patients. Journal of Cancer Education, 32, 158-165. doi: 10.1007s13187-016-1066-6.

Banas, J., Wallis, L., Ball, J., & Gershon, S. (2016). Adolescent healthcare brokering: Prevalence, experience, impact, and opportunities. Journal of School Health, 86(12), 898-904. doi: 10-1111/josh.12456.

Ball, J.W., Banas, J., & Bice, M.T. (2016). Understanding health care brokering among young and middle-aged adults. American Journal of Health Studies, 31(4) 190-198.

Banas, J.R. & York, C.S. (2014). The influence of preservice teachers’ TPACK and authentic learning exercises on intentions to integrate technology. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 30(6), 728-746.

Banas, J.R. (2014, December 11). Preservice teachers’ attitudes and beliefs towards different types of bullying and the likelihood they will intervene. Northwest Journal of Teacher Education. Retrieved from 

Victorson, D., Banas, J., Smith, J., Languido, L., Shen, E., Gutierrez, S., Cordero, E., & Flores, L. (2014, December). eSalud_Culturally Tailored Design and Implementation Considerations for eHealth Interventions with Latino Populations. American Journal of Public Health, 104(12), 2259-2265. 

Banas, J.R. & York, C.S. (2014). The impact of authentic learning exercises on preservice teachers’ motivational beliefs towards technology integration. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education, 10(3), 60-76.

Banas, J. R. (2014). The influence of collaborative, authentic learning exercises on preservice teachers’ self-efficacy and intentions to intervene into and prevent bullying in their future schools.American Journal of Health Education, 45(4), 239-248.

Banas, J. R. & Velez-Solic, A. M. (2012).  Designing effective and efficient online instructor training and professional development. In L. Kyei-Blankson and S. Keengwe (Eds.) Learning by doing: Professional development in online learning environments. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Banas, J. R. & Brown, C. A. (2012). Web 2.0 visualization tools to stimulate generative learning. In D. Polly, K. Persichitte, & C. Mims (Eds.), Technology in teacher education. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Banas, J. R. (2011). Standardized, flexible design of electronic learning environments to enhance learning efficiency and effectiveness. In A. Kitchenham (Ed.) Blended and mobile learning across disciplines: models for implementation (pp. 66-86).  Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

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