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Latina/o & Latin American Studies Coordinator and Program Advisor
College of Arts and Sciences
(773) 442-5563
Courses Taught
ENGL 203 World of Fiction
ENGL 210 WIP: Methods for English Majors
ENGL 218 American Literature: Beginnings to 1865
ENGL 219 American Literature: 1865 to Present
ENGL 345 Practical Criticism
ENGL 361 Development of the American Novel
ENGL 362 US Fiction: Traditions and Counter-Traditions
ENGL 369 US Latina/o Literature and Culture
ENGL 380 Multicultural Literature in America
ENGL 471 Studies in the American Novel
ENGL 479 US Latina/o Literature
LLAS 201 WIP: Culture and History of US Latinos
WGS 360 Queer Theory
WLC 414 US Latina/o Literatures
ZHON 192 Introduction to the Humanities
Research Interests
Latina/o Studies, Early American Literature, Gender Studies, Critical Ethnic Studies, Translation, Early National Literatures, The Novel

PhD  University of Florida

Selected Publications

“On the Borders of Independence: Manuel Torres and Spanish American Independence in Filadelfia.” Latino/a Studies and Nineteenth-Century America.”  Ed. Jesse Alemán and Rodrigo Lazo. New York: NYU Press, 2016. 71-88.

“Novel Diplomacies: Henry Marie Brackenridge’s Voyage to South America (1819) and Inter-American Revolutionary Literature.” Literature in the Early American Republic 3 (April 2011) p. 145 – 171

“‘The cause of America is in great measure the cause of all mankind’: American Universalism and Exceptionalism in the Early Nation.” American Exceptionalisms, Ed. Sylvia Söderlind and Jamey Carson. Albany: SUNY Press, 2011. p. 51 – 70.

“Roundtable: Critical Keywords in Early American Studies,” Co-edited and Introduction with Duncan Faherty. Early American Literature 46:3 (Fall 2011) pp. 601-602; pp. 603-632.

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(773) 442-5563
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