Aimee Hilado Villalpando smiles into the camera.
Hilado Villalpando
Assistant Professor; Curriculum Specialist: Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Social Work
College of Arts and Sciences
(773) 442-5881
Human behavior in the social environment, clinical practice with trauma-exposed immigrants and refugees, early childhood and adult mental health, crisis intervention.
Courses Taught
SWK 303: Human Behavior in the Social Environment I
SWK 304 Social Work Practice I
SWK-305 Social Work Practice II
SWK 306: Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
SWK 308: Social Work Practice with Immigrants and Refugees I (Intro)
SWK 323: Social Work Practice with Immigrants and Refugees II (Advanced)
SWK 401: Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice (Graduate)
SWK-430 Social Work Practice with Families
SWK-433 Social Work Practice with Children, Youth & Families
SWK-470 Immigrant Practice
Research Interests
Culturally sensitive interventions for young children and adults with mental health needs, refugee mental health, community-based early intervention models with at-risk families with young children, and program evaluation.

PhD,  Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work, Graduated with Distinction, Loyola University Chicago, School of Social Work, Chicago, Illinois

MSW, Master of Social Work, Loyola University Chicago, School of Social Work, Chicago, Illinois, Specialization: Mental Health and Leadership and Development in the Social Services

MS, Master of Science in Applied Child Development, Erikson Institute, Graduate School in Child Development, Chicago, Illinois, Specialization:  Infant Studies

BA, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, cum laude, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California, Minor:  Communications

Selected Publications

Ford-Paz, R.E., DeCarlo Santiago, C., Coyne, Rivera, C., Guo, S., Rusch, D., St. Jean, N., Hilado, A., & Cicchetti, C. (2019). You're Not Alone: A public health response to immigrant/refugee distress in the current sociopolitical context. American Psychological Association

Hilado, A., Leow, C., & Yang, Y. (2019). Understanding Immigration Trauma and  the Potential of Home Visiting Among Immigrant and Refugee Families. ZERO TO THREE Stories from the Field, 38, 117-133.

Hilado, A., Leow, C., & Yang, Y. (2018). Baby TALK- RefugeeOne Randomized Controlled Trial: A study examining the impact of home visitation among refugee and immigrant families. Submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services for the Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness (HomVEE) Registry.

Hilado, A., & Lundy, M. (Eds.) (2017). Models for Practice with Immigrants and Refugees: Collaboration, Cultural Awareness and Integrative Theory. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.  

Lundy, M. & Hilado, A. (2017). Transnational practice as the client’s process: Reorienting practice. In A. Hilado & M. Lundy (Eds).  Models for Practice with Immigrants and Refugees: Collaboration, Cultural Awareness and Integrative Theory. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Hilado, A. & Hong, P.Y. (2016). Social support, economic pursuit and economic stability: Promoting acculturation, employment and overall health and wellbeing among migrant workers. In Q. Xu & L.P. Jordan (Eds).  Migrant Workers: Social Identity, Occupational Challenges and Health Practices. NOVA Science Publishers, Inc. 

Leow, C., Hilado, A., Limlingan, M.C., & Howard, E. (2014). Challenges of planning a birth-to-three evaluation: An early childhood statewide system evaluation. Journal of Early Childhood Research, 12(2), 129-139. doi: 10.1177/14761718X13515430 

Hilado, A., Kallemeyn, L., & Phillips, L. (2013). Examining Understandings of Parent Involvement in Early Childhood Programs: Implications for Policies and Practice. Early Childhood Research and Practice, 15(2).

Selected Exhibitions


Hilado, A., Annan, J., & Firchow, P. Evidence-based approaches to working with conflict-affected populations. University of Chicago, Keller Center. Chicago, IL (Dec. 3)


Cervantes, W., Usry, L., Hilado, A. & Norona, C.R.  Understanding the impact of immigration policies on families at the border, local immigrant communities and across early childhood programs. ZERO TO THREE Issue Intensive Session. Hollywood, FL. (Oct. 4)


Hilado, A. & Rich.T. Opportunities to Address Trauma and Other Stressors for Immigrant Families through Home Visiting Programs. Migration Policy Institute. Washington, D.C. (Oct. 2)


Rusch, D., Ford-Paz, R., Hilado, A., Quinonez, V., Ferrera, M., Rivera, C., Coyne, C. & Cabrera, T. Supporting the Mental Health and Well-Being of All Immigrants: Chicago’s Local Response to Increased Distress in the Current Sociopolitical Climate. Paper presented at the SCRA Biennial Conference on Community Research and Action. Chicago, IL. (Jun. 26)


Hilado, A.  Trauma and Refugee Children. Canada Series: Saskatchewan Early Childhood Mental Health Provincial Network. International webinar. (May 17)


Hilado, A. & Chu, A. Supporting infant-early childhood mental health (I-ECMH) among very young children of immigrant and refugee status. South Carolina Mental Health Association. Statewide webinar. (May 16)


Aimee Hilado, Ph.D., LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker and academic researcher specializing in immigration trauma and immigrant/refugee mental health. Dr. Hilado is an Associate Professor of Social Work at Northeastern Illinois University where she teaches and conducts research on the importance of early development, early childhood and adult mental health, social support, and culturally-sensitive clinical practice with immigrants and refugees. She is also the Founding Clinical Director of the RefugeeOne Wellness Program, a mental health program established in 2011 for immigrants and refugees at the largest refugee resettlement agency in Chicago.

Additionally, Dr. Hilado continues to present nationally and publish in the areas of mental health, home visiting, and culturally sensitive clinical practice; her most recent edited book is Models for Practice With Immigrants and Refugees: Collaboration, Cultural Awareness, and Integrative Theory. She has played key roles in community organizing and advocacy, selected as a ZERO TO THREE Fellow, cofounding the Illinois Refugee Mental Health Task Force; serving as co-chair of the Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition, Refugee and Immigrant Policy Workgroup; and training Mental Health First Responders as part of the citywide Chicago Is With You Task Force.

Additional Information

State of Illinois Licensure, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

LWH 3075
Northeastern Illinois University
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United States

(773) 442-5881
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