CAS Undergraduate Scholars Program

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College of Arts and Sciences is committed to expanding opportunities for undergraduate research and creative activities for our students across the Fine Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, and STEM disciplines through the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Scholars Program (CUSP).

Undergraduate research and scholarship is a widely recognized high-impact practice that improves student engagement and success. Engaging in research projects with faculty has been a hallmark of the undergraduate experience for NEIU students in the College of Arts and Sciences, particularly in our STEM programs. These research experiences provide valuable preparation for students as they pursue professions or graduate school after graduating from NEIU.
Because the impact of open-ended, inquiry-based research and creative activities on student learning is significant, the CAS looks to expand such opportunities by developing and strengthening a culture of undergraduate scholarship among our students, as we prepare them to succeed in the many ways they will share their skills and knowledge with our world.

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