Dear University Community,

At Northeastern Illinois University, we are proud of our institution and of our work. Our mission is a vital one and it touches the lives of 7,500 students. Together, we create the NEIU that our students and guests encounter.

Another way of creating a sense of the University is through the tangible elements of our brand that our constituencies experience visually. We continue to refine our brand in ways that portray the unique characteristics and strengths of the institution to internal and external constituencies. We seek to represent and showcase Northeastern in a way that increases organizational unity and that visually exudes a well-defined idea of what is it to be a part of Northeastern Illinois University.

Today, I ask you to embark upon this process of refinement by reviewing and implementing these brand identity guidelines. They represent the University's official approach to important elements of our brand. These guidelines are for you to use and they give you a concrete way of helping us build our brand.

I want to recognize the Division of Marketing and Communications for creating this most recent version of the brand identity guidelines. Also, I want to encourage you to reach out to that office if you need assistance with or have questions about the guidelines. The goal is to ensure that Northeastern's brand is fully supported.

These guidelines are an important step forward for us. They represent one of the many aspects of our University's identity. I hope that you will join me in elevating the University's brand.

Best Wishes,

Gloria J. Gibson, Ph.D.