Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about the Summer Bridge programs.

How do I know if I am eligible for one of the programs?

  • You must be a first-time first-year student admitted for the upcoming fall semester. However, spots may be available for continuing and transfer students.
  • Completing the NEIU Math Placement Test and Reading and Writing Placement Survey will help us confirm your eligibility for the EMERGE programs. Check your NEIUStar dashboard with instructions on your next steps and how to complete your placement tests. 

Can I participate in more than one program?

Our four Summer Bridge programs overlap, so you will only be able to participate in one of the following programs: EMERGE, Google CSSI: Extension, STP and Urban Health and Wellness Summer Immersion Program.

Which program is best for me? 

On our Summer Bridge Programs homepage, towards the bottom of the page, you can review a chart hat can help you decide which program is best for you. If you still cannot decide, call the Student Transition Services office at (773) 442-5290. Someone in the office can provide you with additional information to help you decide.

Do I have to participate in both sessions of EMERGE?

You may choose to participate in one or both of the sessions, based on your availability and eligibility.

Do I have to attend each day? Do I have to stay the entire day?

If you are selected to participate in one of the Summer Bridge programs, you are expected to attend and participate in all program activities for the entire session. This includes arriving on time each day, staying until the session ends each day, and participating in a productive and respectful way when present during each day of the program.

Who do I speak to about special accommodations?

Contact the Student Disability Services Office at (773) 442-4595 or visit You can also provide information about special accommodations on your application, and the Summer Bridge staff will help connect you to Student Disability Services.

What happens once I complete the program?

Students who complete EMERGE or STP will be given the opportunity to retake the math placement test and/or Reading and Writing placement survey. After you retake the test and/or survey, you will meet with an academic advisor to determine if you need to be placed into a higher level math and/or English course.

Should I wait until I finish my Summer Bridge program before I register for Orientation?

Please make sure your Orientation date occurs before your Summer Bridge program begins. Students participating in STP or the Urban Health and Wellness Summer Immersion Program are expected to attend Orientation before July 1, 2022.